Webmaster Tools Link Reporting Bug Fixed by Google - Blurbpoint

Posted by Sanket Patel

February 13, 2013

Google 4 min read

As over the last few weeks, many webmasters have faced a massive drop in a number of links within the Google Webmaster tools. Now, after a week or more of the bug being reported, many webmasters are noticing that their link count is coming back to the normal. However, it has been reported by the Google that they are aware of this issue and are working into it. According to them, the Webmasters will soon get to see their normal data shown again. Furthermore, it has been announced that this sudden change in the links will not be going to affect the crawling, indexing or ranking of any site.

This news is truly relaxing many of the webmasters as they need not to take any action. They have been given an assurance that as soon as Google fixes this issue, the link’s count will return to the normal. So, let’s see what happens the next.


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