7 Ways You Can Use Instagram Stories For Social Selling
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Posted by Ushma Dave

July 09, 2018

SMM 18 min read

In recent years, digital marketers are using social media platforms to promote their brands and to improve the brand visibility and website traffic too.

There are different social media platforms. Few of the major social media platforms business owners prefer to boost the brand’s visibility and recognition are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus and Linked In.

Apart from that, social media platforms also play a significant role in engaging with your customers and followers directly. You can chat with them to solve their questions and queries through comments or private inbox.

Instagram has been used by the digital marketers recently due to its immense popularity and some vital features that help marketers to reach out to masses.

One such feature is Instagram stories that have massive popularity across the globe. Introduced in August 2017, Instagram stories boast 100 million active users.

What Do You Need To Know About Instagram Stories?

Users love visual content. A user can connect with the video personally and that is what Instagram stories all about. You can post photo + video stories on your Instagram feed and it will be active for 24 hours. Yes, you have heard it right. It will disappear after 24 hours, unlike the other posts that you can find on your Instagram page.

One of the most important advantages of the Instagram stories is that it enables you to cover a lot more information about your offerings rather than a mere image. You can add the poll, show different advantages and make it more local and verbose. On the other hand, an image might fail to create such impact among users.

The million dollar question is how to use Instagram stories to boost your visibility and website traffic directly. Here, in this post, we have discussed some of the tips on how to use Instagram stories to increase your social calling.

Post Them At An Optimal Time

Yes, it is crucial to post the story at a time when you can get more hits on your stories. For that, you need to identify the time where most of your users are active on Instagram. An early morning time is perfect as people are checking their mobiles after waking up. You can also use evening time to get more hits. It is up to you when to post the story.

Show Behind The Scenes Stories Of Your Brand

If you are a gym owner, you can give a virtual tour of your gym to the users and at the end, you can give them call to action by displaying your offerings. If you are a manufacturer, you can show some behind the scenes of your production processes and they will love it. By showing such stories, your users will feel more like insiders. They would love to see how your offerings are made and they will connect to the story instantly.

Add Exclusive Offers

When you are about to offer some special holiday offers or festival discounts, use Instagram stories and it will work. By adding Instagram stories, you will double the impact of your offerings. If you are offering them a discount coupon, give a link to the landing page and they will redirect the user to the page where they can redeem the coupon to get benefits. Don’t forget to add a call to action in your stories.

Add Some Emotional And Creative Touch To The Stories

Linear stories will take you nowhere. You need to be a bit creative to make your users emotional for your brand. If your story is about Christmas coupons and deals, add a background story to appeal to the users just like ads. Hire come creative brains to come up with such stories and you will surely get a competitive edge over others. It is very compelling.

Promote Events Or New Product Teasers

Instagram stories are all about offering information to the users. If you are coming up with a seminar or a product launch event, use Instagram stories rather than an image post. In a similar way, use Instagram stories to show your new product teaser. It is the best way to notify and invite people to your events. However, it is recommended not to be so salesy.

Q&A Sessions

Yes, Instagram stories also offer you to engage directly with your customers. You can schedule a 10 minute Q&A session with your followers to answer their queries or to give them a future timeline of the brand. It will surely connect the audience and they will respond to the story excellently. 

Responding To The Trends

So the Football world cup is here and all you need to do is to create a story by relating it to your offerings. Even you can engage with your followers by offering them some news about the recent industry developments and they would respect you for providing news. In any way, responding to the news trends and incorporating them in your story would surely work.

Over To You

Instagram Stories offer you a unique opportunity to engage with your audience and with a carefully crafted story, it will surely work in your favor. Hire a reliable social media expert with a proven track record to get it going meaningfully.



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