Waiting for EMD update for Google India?

Posted by Sanket Patel

December 10, 2012

Google 6 min read

Recently, There has been lots of buzz on EMD updates in many SEO communities. Google EMD update directly affected the business of domain selling. A company like Verisign has blamed Google for slowing down the new registration of domains and the renewal of the existing domains.

Last week, I have written a post on emd update and Blogspot. Today I am going to write about the same but the topic is a little different this time. We all know after the panda and penguin update Google has launched EMD so that low quality exact match domains don’t get priority in SERP. Till now this update is doing great for SEO in the country like the USA(Chicago, Newyork and other states), UK, Australia, Canada etc country. I know this because we also own some exact match domain names. They are ranking well before the EMD update but they are nowhere in the top 100 after the EMD update.

There are lots of keywords on which Google shows exact or partial match domains in the top SERP. In the above image, I have searched sarkari naukari (government job) which is a very competitive term in India. It has 1,500,000 broad local searches. The reason behind it is Google doesn’t have that many quality results for Google India so it has to show those types of sites. I have also checked the backlink profile of most of the sites, most of the sites ranking at the top have site-wide footer links. In my opinion, if Google penalizes these sites then Google doesn’t have sufficient quality sites to show in SERP. I waiting for your comment on it because my reader’s opinion matters to me.



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