Using Social Media for Branding and Site Authority

Posted by Anant Patel

December 12, 2011

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The days when site authority was only recognized by the site’s age has passed away. The internet is getting more and more competitive results nowadays we have many innovative channels which give us better opportunity to interact with our audience so the branding for the site becomes more easy and smart but it still needs a lot of dedication, hard work and strategy. Today I will share some information on how to create a brand by building a site Authority by using Social Media.

A major search engine is determining that website authority is nothing other than quality work. For authority sites, most of the search engines are considered a number of quality inbound links, the age of the domain, the time visitors spend on site, and so many other factors are responsible for it. We all know that SEOMoz is a great authority site and do the best job of analyzing, testing and figuring out that what authority factors should exist on-site – and best sites are present in surrounding site authority.

The most important part to generate branding is just concentration on it and do powerful work to improve social metrics. You can able to do so many things that help you to create your website as a brand by using social media. Some tips are presents here which help you to brand yourself.

Be Real

To become an authority site, in communities you can never be fake for anything. Be Real! Be Creative! Be passionate!

Think about how you can be an expert and think about members in your industry and think about the company too. For authority sites, it also requires regular staff which keeps updating the website from industry-related topics and regularly beating topics into the vein of the Industry. Always use that information which you search that is the best content to add to your website and share on social media.

Be listeners

Looking so simple to get to thinking about your targeted readers but it’s not an easy task. Perform social listening research, check out reader’s surveys and keep carrying out additional research also. Follow this information and it will help to create your post through social media to get maximum results.

Use that information also which you find on “niche” social sites, forums and blogs. Niche social networks are very helpful to create the best interaction. And search for that site that provides you, your targeted audience and helps you to engage with them properly.

Share and share alike

Use an idea of share and share-alike. Today, a growing trend believes that all information should be free, easily available, easy to understand, and that content containing those ideas encourage a reader to share it or use it however they want.

How does this apply to you? No need to keep all trading details to yourself. Through social channels, you can start developing content and can also share your ideas with others which contain industries insider knowledge, participate in questioning and answering of industries, provides research data and anything that brings in front to you and your products as professionals.

Participation is key

Just having some likes and few visits from Facebook and Twitter doesn’t mean that you are all set to call yourself an expert and owner of a brand. See generating branding for your website is a never-ending process the more you interact with your audience the maximum you get famous. I strongly recommend you to participate in Social networks and by the word social networks I don’t only mean having an account in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ you should participate in your niche forums or blogs this will help you to interact with more people belonging to your industry as your participation increases your reputation and your awareness also increases you can make friends from those communities and can ask them to become your friend on Facebook or Google+ this will update them with your current activities and also help your website as a brand.

Spread Your Network

Try to build a large network with others who are belonging to your industry and try to build your site an authority site. Go and make interaction with people through the help of social media by sharing their contents, retweeting on theirs status messages, adding them to Twitter lists, engaging on their Facebook pages, add them to your Google+, write some comments on their posts, bookmark a few of theirs blog post.

After some time you will see that all these things are happening with your blog content and messages.  Behind all these things an old thought will be worked “do unto others”.


Doing 40 tweets in a day and update 10 Facebook statuses in a week is appear like good work but the quality is more important and preferable instead of quantity. Put more concentration and stay active all time to do hard works for your brand and think about how you post, tweet, write or comment.

Offer your help

Always observe that area where your brand is offering help to people by asking their questions or searching for more information. Maintain an index for long trail search and give an option of frequently asked questions in your industry and use Google Alerts, Twitter Search, and

For FAQ provide an email address and sent an e-mail to your help team and the responses of their e-mail. You can also see that many users are asking questions or want help by using social media. So, always stay there to help them by giving an answer to their questions. By this, you will see that you become a real expert and your site authority will grow up as a brand.



To build your website as the authority you want a total well-round approach and to have the best experience you have to use social networking which is also important for it. The above-given tips help you to know a path and follow it to build and become an authority online.

All required factors to build authority are discussed above. All effort together creates a working model and tells that how you can get success for developing your brand’s own authority.


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