Unnatural Link Notifications: Do we have to worry with these warnings?

Posted by Sanket Patel

August 13, 2012

Google 7 min read

After the post-Google Penguin Update, we have understood the meaning of unnatural links and how they can affect the ranking of our site. In simple words, unnatural links are spam links on our site that Google consider as a malfunction.

Many webmasters must be receiving notifications regarding having unnatural links on their sites. Google is sending warnings for unnatural links to many webmasters in regular interval of time and want them to delete these unnatural links as soon as possible.

Now, the question is whether we should worry or not about these notifications? Instead of criticizing Google for sending such warnings, we can take some action before our site would face some permanent damage in ranking by the Google Penguin.

You don’t have to panic whenever you get any such notification through Google because it is a matter of transparency, as nowadays Google send such notification even when it distrust some individual links on your site. This may indicate some spamming activity or may have some innocent reasons. Your site may be innocent but because of some suspicious links, you may get such notifications. So, you need not worry so much.

One thing that you should know is Google normally sends one out of ten notifications in a month and your chances of getting these warnings is relatively submissive. But it is not cleared yet whether innocent webmasters take some action on their site or just keep it as advice for future link building.

You can do one thing, whenever you get such type of notification messages from Google, just go to the webmaster tools and download the list of backlinks to your site and if you found any serious spamming or widget bait, immediately clean up all the links and submit a reconsideration request to the Google. It may take some time for Google to process your request but you will receive a follow-up message as soon as your request gets processed.


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