Twitter unveils Photo sharing feature to all Users

Posted by Sanket Patel

August 11, 2011

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Twitter social media marketing giant is going beyond its 140 character limit by confirming that the photo-sharing feature is live to all the users. Next time you want to upload a photo on Twitter, you can directly upload it by clicking the Camera icon on the bottom of the “What’s happening?” box.

Twitter users were even greeted with a message after logging in to the site, saying: “Share an image on Twitter: Now you can upload and share messages, right from Twitter! Just click the camera icon to add an image to your Tweet.”

This feature made a debut in early June that allows their user to add photos to their tweets directly from the website. After uploading the image you can even see a preview of that image before letting the world see it. Tweets containing images will have a link along with a thumbnail. This new feature is powered by Photobucket where all the images uploaded by users will be hosted.

The photo-sharing feature also includes changes to Twitter’s search function. Search results will also include popular photos and videos along with the text. Twitter’s sudden move to create its own photo-sharing service has raised questions in the user’s mind regarding competing their own third party services like Twitpic, Yfrog etc. but when asked Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, he replied “Twitter created its own service to make the process easier for less tech-savvy people”.

In Apple iOS 5, this feature has already been included in advance. Users will be able to share images via Twitter in the new iOS 5 but the officials didn’t say anything about the availability of this feature in current iOS and Android applications but we guess it should be available pretty soon.

Let us know if you will be using Twitter’s photo-sharing feature in the comments below.


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