Twitter Management - 6 Tips to Get Rapidly Followed on Twitter

Posted by Monish Vora

May 29, 2013

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Twitter, the most successful micro-blogging service of our times, has very soon become the Internet Marketers’ delight. The average boy next door to popular celebrities, everyone has been hit by the Twitter bug, and have accepted it as the most efficient medium to connect with friends, family and fans. The pure fact that the information could be shared in short, instantaneously, is what makes Twitter a sensation.

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The main factor in Twitter’s success, is that you cannot leave it to fate. There are some tactics, which if followed religiously, can work wonders for your promotions. Let’s have a look at some of the most significant tactics in bringing more followers to your Twitter account. The statistics given for each tips would help for a more better understanding:

1. Engage your audience: 77% of images on Twitter are not referred to a brand however, 67% of audience is likely to buy from a brand which they follow. Brand promotion is good to a certain extent, at the same time your audience should be treated with some useful tips or facts. Say thanks to those who add you to their following lists. Address all the questions and concerns promptly. Retweet on other peoples’ tweets which builds up a good rapport.

2. Use Images and Videos: 36% of shared links are images on Twitter and 40% people are responding to the same information neglecting the text. There are more than 700 videos being shared on Twitter per minute and the most appropriate length for engaging the audience is the first 6 seconds

3. Using Hashtags (#): The whole world of Twitter is so huge, that it sometimes becomes difficult to navigate or find a particular information. The hashtags (#) will make the process simpler. If you want to be found for a particular keyword on Twitter, you could simply add “#” before that word in your tweet.
For example, if you want to tweet about this article, you could simply tweet, “Going through #hashtags use in #Twitter. In this way, anyone who is looking for #hashtag or #Twitter, would see you tweet. 2 times more retweets are received by those tweets using the hashtags

4. Tweet-Not too long: Tweets which are under 100 characters are more likely to get 21% more interaction than those with more characters. Make sure the initial characters of the tweet are impactful, and able to grab the audiences’ attention to read the whole tweet. The most successful tweet, in terms of retweets, is the one which is between 71 to 100 characters.

5. Ask for Retweets Or RT: A call to action is no exception in Twitter as well. Asking for “RT” will give you 12 times higher engagement, whereas spelling out “Retweet” will earn 23 times more engagement. In any way, asking for retweets works big time than not asking at all. So, this also throws light on how much a CTA is significant in terms of online marketing.

6. Peak Hours Tweeting: You should first determine the location from where you want to target the users. Knowing the peak hours of a particular location plays a significant role in getting higher engagement. Will it work when you tweet, when your audience has dozed off? Tweeting during peak hours works towards increasing the visibility and the engagement of your audience. A recent survey has shown that tweeting at 9 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., works big time to get more followers and engagement. You need to schedule your tweets appropriately based on the targeted location.

Don’t be artificial while tweeting. Just be yourself and let the world know, with the help of the above mentioned tips, how you feel about a particular topic. It takes some time, but with a little perseverance and persistence you will definitely hit the bulls-eye.

Happy Tweeting!!


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