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Posted by Sanket Patel

February 01, 2012

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One of the best things about Twitter is its open character, but it also means people can use it for spam, excessive promotion automatically and so on. To avoid etiquette their followers from Twitter and attract new followers, Twitter tag boards use below as a guide to create interesting and really useful tweets that are received by the Twitter community.

Keep personal conversations private

While it is certainly okay to publish personal tweets and @ replies on Twitter, remember that any person can see your tweets (if you are following or not). With this in mind, use your better judgment and keeping very private Information private by sending a direct message or communicate outside Twitter entirely.

Don’t just talk about yourself

Twitter is a huge place for self-promotion, but too much self-promotion is not a better thing. Your tweets should be an excellent mix of self promotion, conversation, share information, etc. Otherwise people will think that you don’t care about them or building relationships. Your Twitter stream like nothing more than a list of links and also ads.

Tell who your sources are

Do not take credit for a thought/idea, topic, link, view, etc. if accepted from someone else. Easily use the Reply @ use functions in Twitter and retweet to provide credit where credit is due. Attribution is just as significant on Twitter and blogs.

Use a link shortener

Fantastic very long links in a Twitter update are just simple annoying. Get the extra 5 or 10 seconds to use a URL shortener.You and your followers both will be glad you did.

Avoid automated services

Automatic Twitter updates, automatic responses that really thank fresh followers, etc are annoying and can be seen as ‘spam’. While they need no thought or effort they are not very helpful in building relationships well.

Watch your language

Always keep in mind, anyone can see your tweets. Do not forget the manners your mother taught you. Always apply it on Twitter, too.

Don’t start flame wars

Well discuss is one thing, but flame wars and arguments are any other thing entirely. Keep these all types of discussion out of your Twitter stream.

Block spam followers

Help create the Twitter knowledge and experience good for every person by blocking spam followers (you will know who they are when you observe them).

Don’t tweet too much

There is such a thing as over-tweeting. Create your Twitter updates interesting and helpful. Definite, you might need to post routine aspects of your life on occasion, but no one wants to know that you are on your way to the restroom or cutting your toe nails.

Help promote other people

A great way to make relationships and to ensure that the flows of Twitter stream aren’t just about you is to promote other people, too. Share links to articles and blog enjoy entries. Retweet interesting updates. Easily join the discussions and answer questions. Twitter achievement is rooted in discussions and relationships.


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