Top Social Media Trends That Will Rule The Digital Marketing World In 2021

Posted by Ravi Panchal

December 21, 2018

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Social media is one such place where trends change overnight. This is why it is very important for a business to adapt to changing trends at a fast pace. Staying updated is very important if you want to maintain successful tactics. This year of 2018 observed so many ups and downs as well as so many revolutions when it comes to social media tactics. There were a lot of positive as well as negative changes people observed.

Here is a closer look at the key social media trends of the year and how they will the trends of 2021.


1. The rise and rise of messaging


Social media has become a great platform for people to connect with each other. People prefer private messaging as compared to commenting on public posts on social media. People have shifted to private messaging as it is easier and convenient to reach to their favorite brand or even friends and colleagues. The most intriguing fact about messaging is that brands can gain the desired engagement that they are seeking by simply understanding the way people use social media apps.

With certain innovations like stories and live chats, it has become even easier to stay updated with the current market trends. Messaging is even great for brands to give a quick response to any customer queries or issues.

2. Focusing on channels that matter


Gone are the days when Facebook was the only medium via which you could reach people. There are various platforms that can be used to reach the audience that might be interested in your business niche. It is important to examine to only target that audience which will prove to be beneficial for your business. There is no need to broadcast the same message at every platform if you don’t see successful results from it on any of the platforms.

You can also focus your work to say only on one or two channels which provide the best results. Thus, you can start by examining which channel provides maximum results. Analyze where your audience has the most focus so that you can work for better business goals.

3. Spending carefully on social media ads


In today’s world when everyone is hooked on to social media apps, it is wisest to utilize that platform as a medium of advertisement. It is the best way to reach a maximum audience in a minimum time span. There are so many brands that use paid social in the marketing mix. The hike in use of social media it is no surprise that so many people have invested in social media advertising so far.

However, the investment highly depends on the type of app and its involvement. For example- Instagram is a highly interactive and involving app which connects to its users via stories as well as posts.

4. Videos, podcasts and live streaming


There are still a lot of people who prefer reading articles and blogs to gather information. However, users, these days are highly engaged in video advertising or advertising via posts or live streaming. This is because such category of advertisement is really quick and convenient. Videos and podcasts have been observed to be very effective in terms of marketing.

Considering the rise in YouTube and the introduction of IGTV, videos are the latest trend in marketing. Even Facebook has adjusted its algorithm so that videos appear frequently on the feed. Especially short videos are really appealing for users as they convey the message in a really short span of time.

5. AR will become more popular

2021 will be the year for innovations and new idea. As 2018 has passed, Augmented reality has made good progress and has quickly become a lot of people’s favorite. AR that stands for augmented reality can make a user’s shopping or browsing experience more fun. The brand can connect and engage with the audience making things more fun and memorable.

A lot of big brands these days have incorporated AR which allows the user to virtually try on something before they actually buy it. One can see what a particular lipstick shade will look like on their skin tone and they can also try out glasses to know whether or not they will look good on their face shape.

Social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat are also highly dependent on AR. A lot of brands use these apps to advertise their products through the filters that are available on these apps.

To sum it all up

No matter in whatever direction social media trends go, the most important thing is to understand your market and the audience. It is very important to build trust and a loyal relationship with your customers. The only way to survive in this highly competitive world is only by reviewing your social media strategies and constantly updating the same.

Make sure you allocate time and budget to new tools and technologies so that it is ultimately beneficial for your company. You should only focus on the strategies that work the best for your company and just invest in those.


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