Top 9 SEO Trends To Predict In 2018

Posted by Maulik Patel

October 31, 2017

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Just a couple of months more and we will enter the awesome eighteen. The world of SEO developed dramatically in this year that depicts how you will have to pull on your socks to welcome the new trends of the year 2018.

SEO Trends 2018

If you are digital marketing agency, you must have started working on the strategies that will help you not only welcome these trends open handed but also take the maximum advantage of the same for your clients. However, working on the predictions and preparing the tactics on the forecast is not at all a cakewalk. It is way too complicated and deep than what you think.

You need to understand the past and present to predict the future. A proper research and a systematic layout of the strategies is all you need to have to stay ahead of the curve. To assist you with the same, we have brought here the top SEO trends that may prove itself to be the game changer in the year 2018.

1.Rapid Increase of Voice Search

Life has become easier and faster with the technical advancement. The stuff which was just a fingertip away is now just a sound away. According to the records, 1 out of 5 searches on Google is a voice search that shows how is it going to accelerate in the year 2018. People are looking for things on mobile phones more than the computers which makes it quite evident that the quantum of voice search the coming year is surely going to boost up.


This trend will change the way of communication and in turn, will change the search market. While setting up your SEO strategy, you will have to make sure to set up long-tailed keywords and use of a natural language as you will have to match the user’s conversational tone. For instance, instead of keyword phrase of “residential roofer,” you should attempt for “find the residential roofer in my area” that will suit the tone of the voice search more appropriately.

2.Link Building

You won’t find an end to the link building this year, however, it will be more precise and specific. For people who rely much on the guest post should note that there had been cases where Google had warned the publishers that the vigilant eye will be kept on the guest posts to control the spammy and questionable links.

Have a strategy of creating quality links. No new links will serve your purpose if they don’t target your business niche. Simply having popular links doesn’t mean you will get best backlinks from there. To seek the attention of the specific target audience, you need to filter the site that is relevant to your industry.

Though the referral traffic can contribute to an organic search of the website, your ultimate target is to reach to the audience of your industry.

Looking at the current scenario, the strategy for the year 2018 should be aimed at building a lifelong relationship, creating powerful links that give long-term results. Make sure to design your strategy in such a way that you achieve results without affecting brand reputation.

3.Personalized And Customer Centric Content

The content is the king of the digital market. But we need to understand the consumer preference first. If you study the current trend properly, you will understand how imperative it is to reach the clients with the personalized approach. It is a proven fact that the contents that meet the specific needs of the customers make a huge impact.

Your plan of action should be to create the personalized customer-centric content to increase the engagement of the target audience. Not only that, the content should be interactive and maintain the high standards of quality. However, the question here persists of how to create the content that meets the needs of every individual.

For that reason, you need to set up the strategy to reach to every single person along with creating the quality content. You can achieve it by creating dynamically-rich content. You can opt for a multifaceted website with a smart automation plan where you can publish highly diverse content.

However, just having dynamic content shall not suffice. You need to adopt various other techniques that can help you increase the engagement of the existing clients as well as the new visitors.

For instance, when your website has targeted content to your existing clients, you can provide the new visitor with a snapshot of the message containing offers and deals to make them stay and develop their interest in the same. You can also adopt the remarketing strategy to bring in the interested audience on your website.

Make sure to adopt such a strategy that not only serves specific needs but also engages the targeted audience.

4.User Experience: The Focal Point

It is a sure shot game changer for the year 2018. Google has made it very clear that the focal point is the user and the websites delivering the smooth UX for the visitors will get more preference.

A better user experience increases the engagement of the people for that website which in turn helps the search engines discover the useful pages for the people that get prioritized on the SERP.


To take the advantage of this trend, prepare a concrete strategy and do a deep research on how will you be able to make the user experience more comfortable on your website. The site’s speed, readability, navigation structure are some of the parameters that will help you know what kind of changes are required to make it customer friendly.

Apart from the above facts, you need to bear in mind that people are seeking information and surfing on the websites more through mobile phones than the computers. Although it is not a parameter, it is surely one of the essential points of consideration to be kept in mind while making changes on the website.

5.Mobile-First Index

The mobile-first index may prove itself to be the biggest trendsetter of the year 2018. You need to go down swinging to set yourself for the mobile-first approach. The news in the air that says Google will put the mobile first index slowing and gradually in the coming year which means you will have to make dramatic changes in your strategies to cope up with the same.

The strategy should be framed in such a way that it matches the features of the mobile-first index that are mentioned below.

– The search will emphasis more on the context.

– The local SEO will gather more popularity.

– The marketing opportunities will get widen.

Keeping in mind the above features when you mount your strategy, there are high chances to gain maximum output out of it. It will surely be one of the trends that will provide you with the paramount success if dealt well with the strategies.

6.The Quick Answer Feature

The quick answer is the most fascinating and highly useful feature Google has come up with this year. These are the small snippets of information that is highlighted on the top of the SERPs. Google does not go into the specific webpage based on the search rather it extracts the information that provides quick answers to the search. The quick answer is shown in the text form along with the link to the website.

Quick Answer Feature

When you frame your strategies tactfully, the quick answer feature can give you highest ranking for your website. To take its advantage, you need to optimize your site in such a way that both the off-page and on-page content answers to the search results most appropriately.

If you scrutinize the quick answer section properly, you will find that it often highlights the content having list format. You can build-up your strategy in such a way that it contains such lists in the content that appropriately answers the search questions. Along with that, you need to make sure that your web pages are optimized for the mobile users as well to gain the prime location in the SERPs.

7.Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: The Game Changer

Google is getting smarter every day. The Artificial Intelligence(AI) and machine learning are here to make the changes in the field the coming year. It has changed the way searches and ranking takes place which will be even more conceptualized in the year 2018.

Where the machine learning facilitates the way searches take place, the voice search and digital assistants offers space to develop the Artificial Intelligence. The SEO leaders have already started with framing and executing their strategies to go hand-in-hand with the AI and machine learning, however, it demands more strategical changes as it will saw its seeds deeper in 2018.

8.Building Brand Awareness

A deep scrutiny of the existing scenario shows how the accelerating marketing of the brands is taking place. The brand strengthening will surely be one of the top trends of ‘18. A brand listed on the top of the SERPs have all the likely chances that the customers would purchase their products and services.


To grab this trend, make the most of the use of the brand name. Collaborations with the other organizations of the same industry, maximum utilization of the social media sites and such other strategies can help you increase the brand awareness. However, the social media sites will not specifically help you increase ranking, you need another pathway to boost the traffic on your website.

9.Preference To Visuals

The visual memories are stronger and leave long-lasting effect on the human brains and that’s what the next change is all about. People are looking for videos and images more than the plain texts which may prove to be a trendsetter.

It has been found that more than 60% of the world population prefers videos, GIFs, and images which is a red signal to plain informative contents.

To boost the traffic on your website and accelerate the visitor’s engagement with your content, opt for the visuals in your contents. You can use the infographics, GIFs and the interesting images that would tempt your target audience to visit your page.


The above trends are just the starters. We believe, 2018 will surely prove itself to be the most revolutionary year in the field of SEO. You will find novel roadways to lead your business. Nonetheless, you will have to be on your toes to keep yourself ahead in the game. So, if you haven’t framed your business strategies yet, gauge it today and reap great results the coming year.


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