Top 5 Companies who Rocking In Social Media Marketing

Posted by Anal Bhatt

March 14, 2013

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As we all know social media platform becomes more powerful to contains many social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube, Quora etc. There are many Inbound marketers who are not only using just one social network but they really engaged with many social networks. As the main motto is to create a brand experience with hope and dreams for their fans and followers.

But, In some circumstances, it becomes more and more difficult to present the right message across all the channels, Because of many drawbacks like lack of Profile information, lack of content, lack of getting conversation, lack of participation etc. So, We decided to put together the top 5 companies list that did a tremendous job at maintaining a consistent brand experience of all the social networks. It will be a very good experience for you to get familiar with the top 5 companies which have consistent experience across social networks.

Google has got a social network of its own. But, it still so sure to present its Brand on other social media sites. The one thing that noticed about Google is its consistency engage with social branding by presenting its awesome design and graphics. They have added very good colours, fonts, icons styles and Logos. Just have a look :

FaceBook :
Google has its creative fan page on Facebook with a very entertaining cover image that looks really very awesome and it plays really awesome features with their products and features.

Did you ever notice that Google Logo is displayed in Twitter thumbnail and it looks really very nice on the styled box with a blue cover image? The background image has the same look as the Facebook page, but a little bit different, You can show it on the Twitter page.

In LinkedIn, it looks more corporate look as connect with B2B audience on LinkedIn. On its page, Google has a snapshot of their Mountain View headquarters. Google wants to give the idea to its fan through an Inside look at what Google employees see every day.

Google +:
This is really very interesting to know the look on Google’s own social network. Google shows its logo again and uses the same cover image that we saw on Facebook. But, It has also been modified with the proper size, proper icons, proper colour etc. This is really very helpful to build consistency and makes a great experience for your audience.

Target has done an amazing job through its branding through its social network across all the channels. I think it’s very easy to recognise its logo with the colour red and cute puppies. We all are very much familiar with Target over the past several years and also it creates perfect symbolism while coming through all of its social networks.

If you noticed it Facebook fan page then it has taken over the colour of red but the whole cover image only shows the Symbol of “ Target “, This is a very great idea to find the many users to identify it very easily. Cover Images are arranged with fiery red appliances and also with consumer products.

With the use of the same concept as used on the Facebook page. Instead of using the spell name of its brand name, It shows the cute little puppy with the Red rings represents “Target” as a Brand. Using Very good colour combinations and shapes in the cover image helps add some branding to the Target logo in the profile image.

As we all know Linkedin is such an extremely powerful tool for marketers and that is the reason that many companies don’t bother about its Branding to their Linkedin pages. Target company page use one of its designed ads as a cover image that representing adds a nice branding element.

More companies are engaging with Pinterest because they know that how many active users actually visit Pinterest. Target actually sells to consumers. So, It is obvious that they have a proper idea to share things on Pinterest comparatively other social networks.

Coca-Cola is a very famous brand and also popular with their own products. It does a spectacular job of creating a consistent brand experience across all the social networks. Its only focus on the idea of lifestyle on social media branding. Let’s have a look at the tremendous job of their social media networks.

Coke is also representing its memories to countless people. It does an amazing job of creating the brand image on Facebook cover image. It used the bottle as its cover image which shows the emotional connection to their product. There are so many images like sharing a coke with the closest group of friends, having an ice-cold coke at the lake house etc.

Coke using a very simple and symbolic background image on a Twitter account. Its pages are branded with a variety of images showcasing coke bottles in different moments and settings.

In the Linkedin profile, I like most its logo on its cover image. Coke has only defined the various ideas of their product which create wonderful memories and has an emotional connection with its consumers. They still maintain their consistency with the brand message.

Google + accounts follow the trend of symbolic images of coke which shows the emotional connection of the product. The iconic glass of the coke bottle still represents the memory behind the brand and they were using the same message for decades.

Amazon is the world’s largest online Retailer. They are always ready to sell pretty much anything that you could even think of it. It does a great job of its branding to social media networks with pretty graphics and interesting colours.

I think you noticed that Amazon have a logo that looks like smiling Cyclops. It’s defined on the Facebook cover image with a number of features with nice graphics and colours. It shows its time to open your goodies when Amazon Box arrives.

The Amazon Twitter account uses a simple background image with solid light Blue. The cover image shows the number of lightly faded Amazon logos that give a hint of its branding.

I like most Amazon Google + page, which represents happy boxes and smiling Cyclops logos on its cover image. There is a very similar layout of the Facebook page with a place of the cover photo and thumbnail type image.

Happy Amazon employees grace the LinkedIn cover image with a floating arrow which only shows another smile. This is a very sensible image adjust by Amazon on its LinkedIn cover image, I think maybe they are using Linkedin not for marketing purposes but also for recruiting purposes.

As we have shown over here that SEOmoz has an adorable little robot that has been synonymous with their brand for a while now. This interesting robot made its own place in the heart of many followers and fans. It does a great job of providing brand experience across its social networks.

In Facebook, SEOmoz represents its lucky robot mascot and an equally presenting background image with a design of animation. It creates a very good brand presence that attracts so many people.

They use the same look as they did on Facebook. They have a colourful background image, the happy robot with clouds with a well-branded presentation.

SEOmoz did tremendous join on Google + cover images. Yes, they show the recognizable root friend but with some great real-life images of the playful robot. This is a very good example of a well-known logo that they do not want any compromise at any stage.

Using the same look and feel of Google +, The SEOmoz use Pinterest page features a branded profile image and a variety of interesting boards for its followers. One thing you must notice on Pinterest boards is that are they representing their boards with robots or riffs on their name that make it very clear to identify SEOmoz Pinterest page.

I am sure that now you got an idea of how the top five brands doing rock on social media networks with creating their brand consistency.

The question is how you being consistent with your brand experience across multiple social media platforms.



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