Top 15 SEO Blogs You Should Follow In 2013

Posted by Anant Patel

January 07, 2013

Internet Marketing 13 min read

It’s time to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013 with new ideas and thoughts. SEO changes very fast, there are many resources of SEO from where you can get regular updates. It belongs to a rich environment for sharing knowledge and ideas which actually work to your economic advantage.

There are so many lists available around the web, but most of them are completely based on the preference of the author.  With the changes of Google update, this list is pretty similar to the previous algorithms These 20 blog lists are based on their ranking status, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, number of Blog lines subscribers and Technorati authority.  At the end of the year, everyone is waiting for the “best list” of SEO blogs to enhance the techniques of optimizing their respective websites. I am here representing the SEO blogs that you need to pay attention to for 2013.

1. SEO by the sea –  Bill Slawski is the Co-founder of the SEO by the sea. This blog keeps an eye on directly from the search engines, make it easier for people that fetch the knowledge out of it.

2. SEOmoz – The best platform to get the latest SEO blogs tips and tricks that help to optimize the website in a better way. They are globally known in the search field and also connect with every opportunity that we think to do.

3. Google Inside search – Google blog called Inside search, which explores the discussion, issues and also new updates according to a search engine.

4. SEOBook – SEO expert Aaron Wall, who provide the best resource of SEO blogs, which is known as the best guide,  influences the Top results of search engine queries.

5. Search Engine watch – You can search the latest and upgrade stories of the search marketing industry which tends to change frequently along with updation from blogs, social networks and forums.

6. Search Engine Journal: It is a Blog from where you will find all information related to SEO, Hosting and also many different services. I would like to read SEJ regurlay.

7. Mattcutts–  Matt Cutts is the head of webspam in Google, represent the updates in Blogs and also build and manage a web presence in search engine.

8. Kissmetrics – Neil Patel is the Co-founder of kissmetrics and his name is included in the top entrepreneurs in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine, produce the business, SEO blogs and digital marketing based on his experiences.

9. Search Engine Land – It is no doubt a leading resource for SEO blogs. Where you get a piece of thorough information about search engine optimization and marketing.

10. Blurbpoint SEO Blog – Sanket Patel is the Author of Blurbpoint SEO Blog. He is a good researcher of Internet Marketing, Brand Development, Online Reputation Man­age­ment & Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

11. SEO Gadget – A leading SEO agency, specializing in Technical terms and link building in competitive industries. It has been grown the world’s top agencies by offering top results, customer service & optimized results.

12. Search Engine Roundtable – It is a news website that discusses and analyzes the topics related to the search engine it has been giving you the most updated notified results day by day.

13. Distilled – It focuses on how the influence changes within the organization through the term SEO. Within Distilled, build a rich culture of values and memes as well.

14. David Naylor –  Highly experienced Search marketing team led by the SEO expert David Naylor. He has been working in this field for over 16 years and deal with search marketing and web development agency.

15. Occam’s Razor –  The author of the best selling books of web analytics 2.0, web analytics an hour a day. It is a great opportunity to deal with this blog.


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