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Sanket Patel

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November 11, 2011

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Top 10 tips to promote Your E-commerce site for this Christmas Holiday

It is a Christmas time, so people are really curious about shopping almost anything. At the time of holidays, mostly all shops are going to offer huge amount of discount on each purchase. Holiday is such a time in which shopper can promote or introduce variety of products, ideas and services without any kind of loss. In this season, people are relaxed and also love even small amount of discount or goodies as free gifts. One can say that it is one of the best time for targeting number of people or a group. So, if you are one of the shoppers who are ready to introduce logo during this holiday season then here you will get an idea or you can say simple tips which are very helpful to you.

Set up countdown box on your website until holidays:
It is one of the best ideas for you to put the countdown box so that customers will get little bit excite. If you are putting countdown box then it will remind you about the remaining number of hours or day.

Customize shopping guides
For increasing sale of your website, it is best for you to include best buying guide at the bottom of its Shopping search results pages. If any user is getting links from buying guide page then it is advisable for you to include title, metas, headers, content, and other onsite elements. In this way, user will get the clear idea about your website. If your webpage is better optimized then your page will include your buying guide in their search.

Implement a text messaging campaign
Nowadays, the use of mobile phone has been increasing so, it is best option for you to adopt text message marketing (SMS marketing). You can send latest deal and discount scheme on customer’s cell phone. You can send minimum message as message in bulk will irritate customer more.

Always ask for newsletter registration on the order confirmation page
If you want to update your customer with your latest deals and products then it is best for you to create an order confirmation page that will be rendered just after purchase has been made by customer. This page includes information like details of the order such as product, cost, etc. BY this way, your website will received all the essential information and this is one of the best ways for encouraging repeat business.

Verify your SSL certificate.
As a businessman, you want that your visitor becomes your customer by adding some product to the cart and click on the check out process. At last, they will find that their transaction isn’t secure. So, it is your duty to update your SSL certificate on regular basis and it is essential in holidays mainly.

Distribute gift cards during the holidays
One of the finest options for customers as well as for shopper is to offer gift cards by this; you can easily connect with your customer as they are coming at your shop for redeeming such coupon. Aside to that it can also circumvent losing sales from besieged visitors by giving gift cards.

Get incentives based on order values
If your customers are paying more money on their shopping then it is best for you to give some amount of discounts, extra points for your loyalty program, or free gifts as a incentivize at the time of holiday period. You can also check the cost of the products; it doesn’t rise up than the cost of product.

Bundle like items
The up-sell process is consolidated by Bundling like items. You can arrange your items in such a way that customers can find it with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Your official site will compatible with major web browsers

Create your website in such a way that it should be compatible with major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. If your website doesn’t compatible with one of the major browser then you may lose large number of customers as a result sales will also decreased.

Introduce new shipping alternative only for holidays

As we all know that customers are ready to pay any extra money towards the shipping. So, it is the best option for them to shop the products with some holiday deals such as five-day shipping, add a two-day shipping option, free shipping on purchase over some dollars, etc.

Blurbpoint SEO Firm wishes you a great Christmas.


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