Tips to Build Contact Page for Better Conversion

Posted by Sanket Patel

January 21, 2012

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For small firm websites, it is not necessary to sell products or offering any sort of online service, then the most important factor of the website will be the contact page. Searching your contact details or filling in a contact form should be an easy and simple process for the user.

Many websites accept the method of placing a phone number and email address at the top or sidebar of each page on their website. This is the best path to provide instant access for people to get in touch and to pick up them that is they have any queries, you are there to chat with the visitors.

Another general and crucial task are to have a link to your website contact page within your main navigation or equally visible area. Users looking to find a contact page link nearer the end of a navigation list.

Once your site visitors have searched your contact page, it is crucial to provide them with the information and various options they need in order to make contact with you.

There is a list mention below which you need to assign on your page with a view to increasing the number of inquiries you get :

*Add your phone no as HTML text as some people may be using a mobile device or another service such as skype in which they can click to call you. Or they may just need to copy and paste your number to save or share.

*Add your postal address as HTML text so that people can easily copy and paste that information for reference or to make use of their preferred mapping and direction service.

*Try assigning schema mark up data to permit your address and phone numbers to show as rich small parts in search engines and at all places.

*Have an interactive map if your business operates from the assumption that customers can visit. A static map does not permit customers to find their bearings and view the area at a huge scale or at street level.

*Include links to your main social network services to permit visitors to contact you through their preferred service.

*Provide a contact form so that users can easily send you a message without accessing their email service to do so.

*Create this contact form as short as you can, the basic name, email and message field should be enough.

*Use a broad submit button below your contact page.

*Have your contact form show a confirmation message or page that suggests to the user that their message has been sent and provide them with an estimate of when they might hear back from you.

*In the contact page be sure for users data privacy such as name and email address have not to be pass on to a third party and they will not be included in a mailing list of any kind without their permission.

*Provide a call back service to save your valuable customers’ money.

*Provide a live interaction experience so that prospects can get instant answers over a messaging service.

*Test having a name, position and a picture of the person they might be showing to when they interact with you.

*Provide a map of your firm location.

*Build and provide a link to some general questions that you get asked a lot when users contact you. This way they only connect to you at a later stage of the buying process and your resources are not wasted as much.

These are some of the things you should be trying on your contact page. Some of these options are not needed for all kinds of business, as you may not have support or not participate in social media. Providing visitors as many options as you can is not always the solution, but you should be trying the above contact page applications with a view to see how visitors are connecting to you and see what works better.

Here is an example of contact pages that include some of the features listed above :


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