Strategic vs. Tactical SEO Audit offers Sounding Business Benefits

Posted by Sanket Patel

January 03, 2012

SEO 10 min read

Doing SEO audit is not everybody’s cup of tea, as involves lengthy hours, and a concrete solution that needed to be offered to the clients.  Most of you must not have heard about ‘What Is Strategic and What Is Tactical Audit’, and what role they have to share in Search Engine Business. Audit experts believe or feel that SEO auditing can be done in two ways or “do it all in one audit”, it matters from person to person and involves high comfortably.

Before I should move ahead, would like to clarify the Strategic vs. Tactical audits. There’s nothing like rocket science in this. It is as simple to know and implement as the subject itself.   

 If I get to review a handful of page titles taken from some important pages and I find that there’s a consistent lack of quality in those titles, then I’ll mentioned that finding in my audit. Thereafter I recommended to them why more refined titles are required, and even suggested a few of them. This is called as strategic auditing.

But when I’m taking my own time eventually more than expected hours to consider all those aspects on which you have been considering when actually you come up with new titles like keyword research cycle, evaluation of topical focus cycle, all that works. Then that’s tactical auditing.

Similarly, when it comes to SEO auditing then you can go any way. It’s highly your own priority how you want the things to be finished. If you own a profitable business, and it is in a movable shape till your clients are implementing all your provided recommendations. And if it’s not happening then you are cheating them even if you are running a highly profitable business.

But if you don’t want to be so ethical on this topic then no problem, but if you don’t want to cheat your clients and want that they should actually implement whatever is recommended by you, then you should sincerely follow the concept and be obedient to the strategic focus in the first audit. And in case your clients want your services for tactical, then there’s no surprise that they will visit you for the tactical and undoubtedly will carry a long-lasting relationship with you onwards.

The outcome then shows that you will run a more profitable business under more contracts than earlier. Accordingly, you’ll find a pattern of differentiation between strategic and tactical.

And whenever you separate strategic vs. tactical concepts during an SEO audit process, it enables you to gain goal-based valuable objectives, have a look:

  • Reduction in the Review Process
  • Increase in Focus Quality
  • Increase in Clarity of Priorities
  • Improvement in Client Adaption
  • Improvement in Client Understanding
  • Improvement in Client Appreciation
  • Increased Upsell Opportunity……………..and many more


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