6 Points To Turn Your Website Visitors into Clients

Posted by Sanket Patel

September 07, 2010

SEO 13 min read

Whenever you launch any website you always have highly expectations of turning your website visitors into customers. But if your website failed to do so then it becomes a concern. So how to make your website visitors into customers ? For that you need to learn all these six points for your future customers.

Must know What’s your website is all about and what’s stored for the visitor : your site’s content information should be effective as well as appealing sharing the concern of the visitor. If it is failed to do so then its quite impossible to hold him on the page for longer time. So always take care that your information should be comprehensive in order to make the visitor to think and move him to search more for whatever they’re looking for.

Show Trustworthiness of your Company: Always introduced your company along with address on your website to your website visitors . Enlist details on your site showing that you’re a part of topmost organizations, and had received awards, and you’re a company that can be trusted. Most probably your customer testimonials would be an added advantage.

Is your website a professional one ? : Another way of gaining trust is to focus your website in a very professional way. Need not to hype it too much with colors and designs which may indirectly distract your visitor. Always use professional design so that it soothes to the eye of the visitor as well as enabling them to read your webpages very comfortably. Always display ads with relevancy in your acts, as may possible that your website visitor may get distracted or may think why you’re showing ads of other companies, so in terms of ads use answerable actions.

Make Your site Comfortable for your website visitors : always focus on single task. Don’t command the visitor for subscribing anything on your site. Just inform them why it will be good for them if they complete the task whatever they’re touching. Show them that they can use different tasks on different pages of your site. Must add user instructions to every task. Dont let them to think about how to over the task instead they should follow the instructions step-by step. Certain things every site usually contains and expects from their visitors to do like “Download the free demo”, “Create a free account”, “Download the free white paper”, “Subscribe to our newsletter”, etc. So you should also focus on that only.

Deliver Risk-free experience to your customers : Focus more on your respect of privacy and remove unnecessary fields from your sign-up forms. Need not to use registration forms or either make the forms short one. If you’ll input more fields in your forms then less they’ll be filled by visitors. To show your provided task completely risk free on your website then always tag money back guarantees and other offers. Always abided by your promises.

Deliver search engines what they expect while pleasing your website visitors : your website should have title and major tag line containing main selling proposition of your site along with one or two best keywords. The moment any searches see your site in the search results , then your title should able to focus to the searcher that he has found what he was expecting. Especially your webpage content should able to confirm and clarify that more clearly in details. The more you have conversion rates the more you’ll have revenues and that is also without enhancing your website visitors. As more visitors of your website turns into customers, the more you start earning as your website enlisted on Google’s first result page .

Last and the least always keep eye on these six points just to know whether your website is turning sufficient visitors into customers.


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