Simple Websites For Advantage SEO

Posted by Vikram Rathod

October 16, 2013

SEO 15 min read

It was discovered earlier this year that there were some problems faced by Google while crawling Apple’s website. Things were sorted out later, however, this has proven to be a very bad example to demonstrate to the website owners and developers that sooner or later they are going to be a victims of the same.

There are several site owners and SEO clients we have come across, who feel that integrating the latest technology into their website will help the SEO of their website and soon bring them up on Google’s SERPs. However, the bitter truth is that the things never had, never have, and never will work like that. In recent years, to make the web more interesting with things like JavaScript and Ajax, many developers have failed in their attempts. With Google’s algorithms constantly evolving, it could have serious negative effects on the hard work of publishers and website owners. Websites should have a foolproof information architecture for implementation.

Simple Website

The real problem lies in Google’s treatment of the websites of big brands. Some time ago Google changed the way it handled URLs that were blocked by robots.txt. The URL is shown by Google now, but not the content that lies in it. Google’s point of view is understandable, however, the whole process of blocking a page becomes very restrictive.

It is not recommended that everyone take that giant step and make a mediocre website; however, it is smart not to dress up your website with all the things in the world and just wonder why the world is not noticing you. Don’t take chances with the critical components of your website, such as the products page and the eCommerce page, as they play a pivotal role in ensuring better performance in SEO. Elevate your website’s visibility by optimizing these key areas to enhance its search engine rankings and attract more attention in the online landscape.

Why Simple Websites are More Beneficial?

It is always better for you if there is less to be anxious about on your website. As a webmaster to efficiently manage your SEO hard work and make things happen in the real sense, it is recommended to have a simple website. You get more time to think about the SEO factors to help the website perform well, and it is easier for Google to crawl simple websites.

There are two main reasons behind the fair performance of simple websites in SEO as compared with complicated ones:

* Google Isn’t Keeping Up: Besides the actual SEO efforts, which are the most basic ones, Google’s bots are not very well updated with the latest in technology and design. Yes, it’s hard to believe this, however, this is not the first thing that Google has on its agenda. Google’s spiders’ ability to crawl and understand all the new things isn’t as quick as the rate at which the changes occur.

* Google’s View on Big Brands: Many times Google would make changes as big brands figure a way in their system, or they are not getting the rank that Google thinks they deserve because of their popularity. Thus, big brands’ webmasters need to adapt to the changes made by Google. Google has its own set of guidelines for webmasters and SEO which should be followed and the website should look something similar to it.

The Case of Apple

From where does this debate on simple vs. complicated websites get its base? Apple is one of the major brands and a website with the highest visibility on Google. However, it wasn’t very long ago that Google was facing trouble while crawling Apple’s website. This led to missing direct links to apps from the SERPs. Many people were left wondering how this could happen. This is how the debate on complicated vs. simple had arisen.

It is still to be decided as to what qualifies as a simple website. Having a simple website doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have any colors it cool fonts or some high-quality traffic. The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t be doing experiments on those pages which are bound to get you more conversions. Tons of videos and flash players might not work. Be the best judge of the rest of the pages. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and imagine what is it that they would like the most.


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