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Posted by Sanket Patel

August 25, 2011

SMM 6 min read

SEO GURUS should be Indigenous Social Media Professionals Too!

Topic SEO represents the skills to be involved and it’s growing topic in current Internet market. Being great analyzer of sites and knowing the better link building as well as knowing to write better contents to attract people to read on & on are considered to be important and crucial, but this are  not the thing we have to understand as the SEO Professional to perform our job and bring best result for the Clients ROI. Today’s Internet world  have solid impact of Social media campaign work and how it is related to SEO critical factors for developing it and making it long lasting as well as Quality SEO Campaigns.

SEO Professional should know this certain thing about the Social Media:

All Social Media network have been created alike but have their unique criteria and rules to maintain.So all networks have their unique visitors and audience. Rules are also to be known by companies before entering their sites is well. For instance twitter tweets has egg mark of 140 character space posting with multiple times with same users, so twitter consider this all stuffs as real time source information while comparing to the Face book its considers it has spamming if make the hourly Updates. All has its uniqueness and limits.

Facebook-Bing integration = visibility as well as traffic, indexing tweets, Google+. Social media has not only gained the Business making strategy but it helped the Business people’s a lot to reach to people directly and promote their stuffs. Social media and SEO have lots to do with each other. A great SEO professional has to understand the ins and outs of social media as well as how social media will help their client.


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