Rumor or Truth That Youtube launched Readying Premium Service

Posted by Anant Patel

February 02, 2013

SEO 5 min read

YouTube, one of the most popular and biggest platforms, where people enjoy watching and sharing unlimited number videos for free. When it comes to consider the fastest growing websites on the Internet, it takes away the lead role. Recently, this video streaming service is supposed to start working with large number of enterprises and TV studios on a paid subscription service. According to some sources, YouTube users can now purchase an access to the different channels after paying fees ranging from $1 to $5 for each month. Apart from that, they can also make one-time-pay-per-video purchases.Youtube LogoThis service may leave many businesses and broadcasters with an efficient method for creating the content, if launched. Not only the businesses, but the ordinary users are also allowed to collect a good portion of advertising revenues on their videos with the help of the Google Adsense platform.  The service tends to arrive later this year in limited trials. YouTube has launched such trialled video rental programmes before, but the efforts could not lead to the permanent platform. Though it is not new for social networking sites to rely on advertisements for their revenues, this rumor is really gaining the attention of many users from the last couple of days.


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