Prepare To Spend More On SEO In 2014

Posted by Tejas Kirodiwal

October 09, 2013

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With the very recent turbulence with rankings and search engines, it’s a very big question as to how much budget should businesses allocate for their SEO. Although Google comes up with frequent algorithm changes, SEO has still managed to stand upright and is still yielding a great return on investment. Below are given 5 reasons why you need to increase the budget for your SEO in the year 2014.

Prepare To Spend

1. Tweaking the System With Cheap Links Will Not Work Anymore

Google has made it loud and clear that the sites which try to play with the algorithm will not be tolerated. This signals all the businesses and online marketers that it’s time to evolve the tactics and think something more ethical and relevant as far as link building is concerned. Tactics like excessive social bookmarks, paid links, keyword stuffing, duplicate content and article spinning are not going to work anymore. This means you will have to part with some more money out of your pocket and think of something legitimate for your online marketing tasks.

2. Too Expensive To Recover From Penguin

If you have already resorted to black hat link building techniques or are planning to implement some of those techniques, you are sure to be badly hit by the Penguin updates. There are many websites, which have successfully recovered from a drop in their rankings due to Penguin. However, it is a very expensive process. In order to make a path for recovery, it is vital to have a full SEO link profile that helps in identifying the actual problem responsible for the drop in rankings.

If you want to prevent spending a fortune on fixing this problem pertaining to Penguin, it is strongly advised to perform audits on a regular basis and see if there are some loopholes that could be mended.

3. Real Content Marketing Isn’t Cheap

It wasn’t very long ago when it was possible to gain authority with Google by publishing one or two blog posts, containing 500 words, per week. Short articles still hold some value, however, Google has a strong liking for longer content as well.

In order to rank well, it is recommended that content marketers put the practice of coming up with a post of a minimum of 1,000 words in length in order to rank well. It would be more beneficial to have something over 2000 words as well. According to Google, a number of users always turn to Google to get answers to their questions. However, research shows that up to 10% of the users’ daily information needs include learning about a broader topic.

So, coming up with long, descriptive and really engaging and entertaining content is definitely going to cost more than the old tricks of content marketing.

4. A Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Just like Neil Patel says, content marketing is the new age SEO. No wonder that all the online marketers around the globe will definitely agree to this. What with all the updates frequently emerging and attacking all the sites with illegitimate ways of link building. The content marketing strategy will in fact help you in building your brand effectively through its various forms. With all the forms of content marketing namely videos, infographics, blog posts, how-to guides, e-books, to name a few, it is likely that all the SEO’s are now targeting this link building technique with all intensity. A content that closely satisfies your target audience’s needs is what boosts the brand signals, making your content viral and getting you a rank on search engines.

These are reasons enough to raise the bar of content marketing, and also your budget. In the future starting in 2014, content marketing will play an important part in building a brand through awesome information, traffic, leads and conversions.

Ensuring that you get the best content, will lead you to a trustworthy SEO firm making you spend some more out of your pocket.

5. Need To Outsource Your Social Media

It is predicted that social media will hold a growing influence on search engine rankings. Social media has slowly and steadily emerged as a factor for driving traffic and building a successful brand.

Social media definitely has positive effects on your online marketing campaign. With more and more people logging in to their social networks to get information on their favourite brands, social media has definitely become unavoidable. However, is it possible for business owners to spend a lot of time on their social networks? Probably not, as you are required to focus on other elements of the business as well. The quick solution here is to outsource the social media task to a reputed online marketing management firm. They have the right expertise who are well equipped with all the required tools to boost your website’s traffic. This enables your online marketing flight to scale more heights than you could have done.

This post could provide a good understanding of why you’ll need to increase the SEO budget in the future starting from 2014. There have been a lot of changes in the past, and many websites have suffered due to this. Working with an SEO professional and parting with some amount will help you in getting the desired results effectively and efficiently.


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