PPC ads get more screen space in Google

Posted by Sanket Patel

July 24, 2012

Google 5 min read

As per web experts, now Google is going to provide a maximum portion of its ‘above the fold’ space to pay-per-click adverts. In recent times, the amount of instantly observable PPC ads in search results for “high commercial intent” keywords has considerably increased, reported by many industry commentators. Econsultancy.com has been researched that now about 40% of Google users can able view the first organic result for particular searches without scrolling down. This can be depended on their screen resolution as well.

One of the best benefits of using Google Adwords is that users can easily make advertise their company’s website. There are many online businesses that give benefits by paying to get their website on top of the fold in Google search results. Rather than this, there are search engines that drive even more clicks to these sponsored listings. According to venturebeat.com’s featured article, it is studied that from the last 90 days, the amount of screen space keen to PPC adverts has significantly risen.

Chris Lake, eConsultancy’s director of product development also reacted in this matter and raised questioned that what the future holds for Google’s search results pages. He also jokes, “You have to wonder how many more levers Google has left to pull, in order to further boost ad revenue (not many.) How long before we see bigger fonts and flashing ads?”


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