“Not Selected” Got Removed From Google Webmaster Tools - Blurbpoint

Posted by Anant Patel

February 09, 2013

Google 4 min read

These days, Google really seems to be in a good form to clean the web.  It has been agreed with the reports for the removal of the ‘not selected’ option from the Google Webmasters Tool. When you go to the Index Status Report and click on the advanced, you can see that this option was removed from the report. According to John Mueller, a webmaster Trends Analysts in Google Zurich, the option was only creating confusion rather than helping the webmasters with their sites.

Google Removed Not SelectedBy removing this option, Google may have helped a large number of webmasters to improve their site performance, but there are some webmasters also, for whom the ‘not selected’ option was useful in many situations. It helps them to redirect to other pages and has a rel=”canonical” to another page. Other than that, it tend to provide a lot of information on how their site is being indexed by the Google. Many threads have been created in Google Webmaster Help covering this issue, but still awaiting for the response.


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