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Posted by Anant Patel

December 20, 2011

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New Twitter is all set to rediscover the social experience.

Before few days, Twitter was redesigned with a title “Yours to discover” and it makes some hurry-skurry in Internet industry. The recent changes which are done on social networking site are major. You can see these kinds of changes on Twitter from new variety of brand pages to embedded tweets.

A new version of Twitter improves your Twitter experience in such an exciting way. The users who are migrating from Twitter to use third party application to completing their task, now they have to be come back on Twitter platform, because now all these things are available on Twitter timeline (i.e dashboard) to satisfy their users and make there work more easier than previous time.

On Twitter, four options are available for you to get all the information what you want to see more quickly and speedily in your account. The redesigned will be available for people in next some days but the mobile web visitors, for iphone users, and for Android users can enjoy see all recent changes.

What are the major changes done in Twitter? Let’s discuss.

Homepage redesigned

Previous home page design of Twitter’s having some complication in it so, now all that complication are removed in this new home page design. In older version, navigation is little bit harder for user to go from one page to another page if users are following or followed by large number of people. This new design of twitter account is very simple and more flexible for user, provides easy navigation from one page to another page, allow you to see Twitter stats quickly as possible, trending topics, and suggest the users to follow. The new home page is also slightly improved but still it is not modified as well as third party applications.

In addition of redesign, all the accounts which are following by you shows tweets in more dynamically way. You can able to expand tweets to see more information from it, you can see attached video or picture in Twitter directly rather than going to use other external applications.  This will help to stay more users on your Twitter’s profile and also reduce bounce rate from Twitter to other application.

@ Replies – Connect

Connect where the conversation starts – @ replies. The restore @ connect tab allows you to see not only @ replies but also interactions.

“Track your impact across Twitter” by these you can see all that actions which other people are taken related to you and your tweets. This feature of Twitter reminds me about the Google Ripples and that is used in same as Twitter one, to help you find those influences in your niche.

# Discover

With the help of this discover option, you can search other people who are talking about the same interest that you had and share with their followers. If you use Twitter more and more this discovers label will be modified for you day by day on bases of what is happening in the world, who are following to you, and as per your current location. In addition of this, you can able to browse the categories of interests that offers by Twitter to its user’s to search more friends, discover who to follow and more.

Biographical Pages

A modern design, a new look of profile pages in Twitter gets little bit changed its “Put you and your interest in front and center”. The changes in “Me” or in profile page is modified the same information in new design that are present in older time also like tweets, followers, following, favorites, lists, recent images, and users similar like you.

Brand Pages

The biggest changes to roll out are brand pages on Twitter is a much-anticipated addition. You can roll out brand up to 21 brands, these new brand pages contain lots of improvement in it and mostly on over standard profile pages or verified accounts.

These important and biggest changes is done on Twitter is the customize header images that will allows you to insert an image of your brand logo to look more real estate on Twitter, a promotion, or special. If you tried before to customize your Twitter background you faced some difficulties over there and it was little bit harder for you to make all information visible in very small area, because of it you can’t able to manage it properly. Now, more space means many opportunities to brand your business.

Another change, you can see on my personal favorite’s label that is embeddable tweet option is available for you.  Now you can attach your tweets with other web pages and in blog post also. This means that the links automatic back to your profile page of Twitter at any time when any one attached to your tweets. This embedded feature gives an additional bump to the best tweeters profile by giving “link juice” in very large amount because now all embedded tweets and links are directed linked to their profile and the creative tweeters who are especially knows for their amazing and fantastic tweets gets targeted visibility very easily.

I think that all you always want to feature your specific tweet seen at top of your Twitter’s brand page? Now you can do this with new Twitter brand pages. You can see particular featured tweet above your Twitter timeline which auto expand for you to show video or attached picture in the tweet. This features allows you to showcase your special product, features content, brand’s breaking news and more.

Lastly, the brands pages having best advantage are of their tweet @replies are mention separation for their easier views. In tweets only you have to mention their brand name that automatically directed at the brand page and seen on that page. If you are managing the brand Twitter account than you know that this brand separation can key for it, especially for those who get lot of @replies and mention in a day.


For Twitter users, all these changes are coming in unsurprisingly way. The Twitter platform has needed a fresh updated on it for long interval. Here, one question is arising in my mind, is these changes are enough for Twitter user’s or for Twitter?





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