New Google Algorithms Released That Target Hacked Spam

Posted by Bakul Sengal

October 09, 2015

Google 8 min read

If you have a website that has spam and has been hacked, there is some bad news as Google has recently created algorithms to target hacked spam.

In the Google Webmasters Blog, they have stated that a vast amount of genuine websites are attacked by spammers, which then is used for abusive behavior, namely malware, promotion of the traffic of your website to low quality sites, for marketing fake goods or banned drugs and more.

Those webmasters and website owners who don’t adopt the best practices to ensure the security of their websites could leave the websites defenseless to being easily hacked by spammers. The most common sites that have to face this situation are government sites, universities, small businesses, restaurants, non-profit organizations, conferences, business websites, and more.

The problem with website owners is that the hackers could gain access to your website in a number of ways if it is left vulnerable. In most of the cases, your webpages will display blocks of illegitimate links, text, and images.

If the spammers are able to hit more websites, they will be able to get more traffic to themselves.It is a good practice from Google’s part to attempt to find such sites, as it will drop the rankings for those websites that are being promoted by the spammers.

Google stated that they are now aggressively targeting hacked spam to protect the interests of users and the webmasters of genuine websites. According to them, the algorithmic changes will roughly impact 5% of the queries and it will depend on the language. So, as they will roll out the new algorithms, users will notice that for certain kind of keyphrases they will only be able to notice the most relevant results in the SERPs.

(Image Source: SERoundtable)

The graphic above displays that there will be fewer results as Google will filter out the websites that are offensive in nature and will ignore the pages of a website that are home to irrelevant spam.

If Google is able to identify a text as spam, it would be then able to remove the pages from the SERPs.


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