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Posted by Sanket Patel

May 09, 2012

Google 5 min read

As we all know that millions of people are using Google every day in order to search places in the real world. With this, people are able to manage their presence on Google. Through Google places, you can make more informed decisions like where to go from restaurants and hotels to dry cleaners and bike shops and non-business places. Google place pages connect people to information from completely best sources around the world.

Recently, Google Places has declared some changes and new features in its bulk listing management tool which makes simpler for business owners with numerous locations. The changes which are made by Google affect both upload processes as well as management processes.

The below given points are given from Google’s blog post:

  • Make sure to edit one or more of your listing data at once
  • Through your listings, search and filter by specific information or for listings with errors.
  • By using a data file or by adding them individually, upload new listings within the interface
  • You can also tell us that how we can enhance this new interface by clicking the “Give Feedback” link.

Google has also put together two short videos showing the new features: first video is for new users which are not confirmed to do bulk uploads yet, and the second is for already-verified users.


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