Google AdSense Engineer says Money Never Earned with Invalid Clicks

Posted by Sanket Patel

April 12, 2012

SEO 4 min read

Latest issue has been released that One AdSense publisher has complaining that there was “a $3,000 deduction” from his Google AdSense account. According to estimation, his actual earnings were $3,000 less.

Now, you must be thinking that why this much of less money. The reason is $3,000 came from invalid clicks, which is not considered as earning.

By looking above discussion, Google AdSense Engineer named Guillaume said:

“I confirm that AdSense receives a large proportion of invalid traffic from your site. This explains the discrepancy between estimated and finalized earnings that you are observing. I didn’t find any error on your account; the existence of invalid traffic is corroborated by several signals.

Please note that you didn’t “lose” $3K though, because invalid traffic does not generate income in the first place. What happened is that earnings were initially over-estimated due to the amount of invalid traffic received by AdSense on the site.”

It is fact that the AdSense publisher doesn’t consent his traffic direct to invalid clicks. Publisher must come with appropriate proof that shows the traffic increase and ad click increases were legit. It is not as same as he is thinking. It is different concept.


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