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Posted by Monish Vora

May 15, 2013

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Google’s Search Spam Head, Matt Cutts, in his new video has given us a basic idea on what to expect in the coming months in terms of SEO. Google has always strived to battle with the black hat spam techniques in a number of ways. And the message is loud and clear, that they will continue to do so.

Matt has given out 10 points to make it clear that quality sites will be awarded and the spammers will go way down: Let’s have a quick look:

1. Latest Penguin Updates
To all the keyword stuffers, cloakers, duplicate content creators, and experts of Black Hat – beware as we could expect the whole SEO community to shake up when the new installment in the series of Penguin update comes up very soon. This is forecasted to go deeper and create more impact than the earlier version.

2. Battling with the Advertorials
Google is going to be a little bit tough with this aspect of link building. There are many companies who create ads to artificially build up their links, violating the quality guidelines of Google. So, if you are paying for a coverage or ad, you should not be doing it for SEO. Google is not against advertorials however, if it is done for the sake of Page Rank, they will definitely come in.

3. Spammy Queries
It has also been made clear that spammy queries like “pay day loans” or some pornographic queries on, will be looked up in the future by the spam team. Earlier these factors were not often targeted by Google, but now it sounds like they feel that such queries are coming from the external sources. Though, Cutts has not mentioned how they will be dealing with it, he has just said that they will be doing it in a couple of different ways.

4. Degrading Spammy Links
In the past, Google has went after link networks and it seems that they are going to do the same now as well. They will devalue the links from spammers. They have come up with new ideas so that the ways of spam linking becomes less effective. This is scheduled to come up in the next few months.

5. Development of Sophisticated Link Analysis
They have developed a system to carry out more sophisticated link analysis. He explained that it is still in the initial stages and they are quite excited about it, and have gathered some data to start experimenting on the same.

6. An Improved Hacked Detection
In the near future, they will come up with the next generation of hack detection which will be more efficient in notifying the webmasters. More specific information would be provided to the webmasters to inform them if they are working with malware or a hacked site which could be cleaned up.

7. Authoritative – Get A Boost
If you are authoritative in your industry nich, community or space, Google hopes that in the near future, your ranking gets a boost as compared to other websites.

8. Panda Fever
They are also monitoring the Panda update, and see if they could soften the impact that many of the websites in the borderline have suffered. If there are sites, which they believe have some quality signals, they will be brought in line with those which are not to be impacted by the Panda algorithm.

9. Repetitive Domain Clusters in SERP’s
The number of clusters of the same site is less likely to be seen in the search results when you go deeper. This is something developed out of the user feedback. Many a times, we see while doing deep searches, that the same sites appears on those deep pages with a cluster of results. Google has been working continuously on how many search results appears on a single page of search results from the same site.

10. Webmaster Communication – Enhanced
Matt Cutts also added that they are trying to figure out more ways of an effective and efficient communication with webmasters. They will try to give more concrete details to the webmasters with detailed examples.

To sum it up, Matt Cutts wants to make it clear that these changes will make sure that the spammers will be less likely to show up after this summer. Also there are some changes which are targeted to benefit the small and medium businesses and regular webmasters as well.
So, let’s keep your fingers crossed and see what future has in store for us !


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