Make Your Mark Online With Niche Specific SEO

Posted by Khyati Patel

September 16, 2013

SEO 13 min read

Relevant treatment for a website through SEO could make a world of difference to its ranking. SEO ensures that your website get its deserved attention among target users, bringing repeated audience – one of the core objectives of SEO. Building an impactful and positive backlink profile is one of the most successful ways to boost the page rank. It is one strategy that has worked wonders for many a websites. However, search engines are smart enough to make out that it is one of the simplest and most employed strategies to boost the ranking of a website.

SEO strategy for various niches is especially the same. There is a different battle every time, and you need to win each one of them before declaring yourself the winner. This is where many amateurish SEO’s are going wrong. They thing that SEO is just a matter of some time, whereas it is a war with many small battles in which you need to exceed from all the competition. So why do we need a different SEO strategy for different niches? For the simple reasons stated below:

Niche Specific SEO

Standing out from competition: With stiff competition, you need to set yourself apart from the rest. This also includes branding in a unique way. Run-of-the-mill marketing efforts are no more in trends and tends to be boring over the time. Niche specific SEO experts help you with that. They create a branding strategy that is just perfect for your industry and help you in setting yourself apart from the competition.

Local SEO: Without any doubt, you need to go for local search engine optimization, if you want to stand the chance of outwitting the big names in your industry. 75% of your online marketing efforts should be targeted towards your local area, although you are planning to target the national and international markets.

Local SEO

Local SEO usually has the highest conversion rate. Handle the local area first and then look for expansion. This SEO technique is commonly overlooked and this is one of the reasons why a majority of businesses in competitive niches are failing.

Expose your competitor’s weaknesses: An expert SEO for your niche will expose the weaknesses in your competitors online marketing strategy. This helps in getting useful insights into their SEO techniques and mistakes, helping them gain rank and failing respectively. A more educated approach is ensured and you could also implement SEO strategies after a thorough study of their strengths and weaknesses.

Content Marketing: Niche specific SEO enables an effective content marketing strategy, as an SEO expert is appointed who has ample knowledge on your industry. The text has to be unique, interesting and engaging, something that should show your insights into the industry.

Networking with competitors: Now only a real businessman would have to guts to do this. Dance with the devil. Socialize and network with the people with whom you are trying to compete. The people from the same industry will help in getting more insights, maybe they could send you customers for those things which they might not be offering. Say you are doing SEO, but not social media. Isn’t it a good practice to send the clients to an online marketeer who specializes in social media? A niche specific SEO could help you in finding all those who belong to the same industry so as to increase the number of like-minded people and influencer in your network.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to build a respectable online presence which helps you in rubbing shoulders with same industry leaders. Remember that SEO is a battle, wherein the battlegrounds are scattered all over the place and you are required to win at each and every location.


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