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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

April 03, 2012

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Make Miracles in Your PPC Campaigns with Trouble-free Tips

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which is one of the best advertising method in which particular amount has to be paid by website-owner, if someone visits at that website by the click on your advertisement. It is “Sponsored links” that can be seen at the top or the right hand side of natural search results.

On April 1st prankster’s holiday, the AdWords Click-to-Teleport Ad Extensions, the miracle of a new ad technology has been announced by Google in which searchers can able to transport themselves across time and gap and “shortens the online-offline conversion funnel.” Many of searchers do not believe it as they are considering it as an April Fool’s joke.

In order to search out perfect keyword or to write the perfect ad, or to implement a new ad targeting feature, PPC manager are putting their 100% efforts to make miracles occur inside their PPC campaigns. They want to make miracles in such ways that will break all the record of   previous campaign performance.

With an intention of creating miracles, here you will find some of the best tips that can be helpful for almost any campaign gain yardage:

Use Ad Sitelinks

One can find minor miracle in paid search campaign optimization in order to implement Sitelinks ad extensions. This kind of extension is easy to implement and can helpful for enhancing your click-through rates.

Minor miracles can be performed by Sitelinks on your CTRs but gives you surprising case of under-engineering that we are hoping for some upcoming AdWords releases that will be addressed. Sitelinks can be considered as a powerful CTR stimulant as no one knows what is working and why it so as it gets disconnected from most of the keyword and ad-level tracking.

Attach Capitalization and Add Punctuation

longer ad headlines for ads has presenting by Google since last February in first positions by either inserting display URL or first line of ad copy. One can expected that many advertisers are taking benefit of this feature that can make changes in CTR performance of the ads. By giving some change to ad text such as to add a period at the end of ad description line 1 that gives control into how your ad actually displays in the top spots.

If you want to view ads at the top position, then simply look at the Edit Ads screen within the AdWords online interface. Such feature is available only in online AdWords system, not in AdWords Editor.

Do Update of Your Microsoft adCenter Campaigns

A few years ago, there are many advertisers, who ported their campaigns to adCenter directly from AdWords as they want to deal with trade-offs in handling ad copy, negative keywords and keyword match type differences at the time of launched of their adCenter campaigns.

But, many significant changes have been changed by Microsoft in order to change those ads and make function of keywords fundamentally.

So, if you want to get impact on your adCenter campaign performance, then you have to revisit your adCenter campaigns that have positive and possibly miraculous. The way of handling negative keywords and other match types has been modified by Microsoft, which is considered as more advanced matching logic structures inside your campaigns.

Now, adCenter enhancements are to be rolled out by Microsoft at remarkable and hastening speed that gives you fresh look to your adCenter ‘classic’ campaigns.


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