Link Building Vs. Content of Website

Posted by Anant Patel

March 31, 2010

Link Building 7 min read

The link building vs. content SEO debate is still raging in the forums. Link vs. Content SEO. Which Is More Important? According to me both the content and link has got its own importance, “It’s a bit like asking a professional tennis player which is more important, backhand or forehand return? Some will be fabulous backhand players, others fabulous forehand players, but you need elements of both if you want to be a winner.”

Their is always an effort going on to improve the quality by the search engines and website owners finding alternate route or even ways to spam links for competitive advantage isn’t going away any time soon. All together we can say that till links are important for search engine visibility, web site owners will hire firms and consultants to acquire them.

However, there’s a big difference between link building to content that attracts links. In the long run, promotion of content that attracts relevant links from those empowered to publish will win. The act of linking is performed, uncalled, by individual publishers. Links are contextually relevant and there is no risk, no tricks or loopholes being exploited in link building service.

The fact is, it requires content of value that tempts others keen on linking to and willing to share with others. Most web sites do not feel themselves as content publishers. Now the good news is that for content promotion, many web site owners are wising up to the idea that they need to provide more value, in the form of information, to their customers. That informational content can be an advantage for promotion to attract links. You can find lot of examples and the most common example would be blogs used as platforms to publish and promote content via RSS, RSS to Email, Twitter and social networks.


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