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Posted by Khyati Patel

April 12, 2013

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Pinterest is the new social media platform that has grabbed the global attention. In simple terms, it is a virtual pinboard social networking site, that allows us to create and manage theme based images and video collections.People could easily use the pinboard to plan their weddings, decorate their homes and also share their picture and videos with others.


The visuals of Pinterest are designed very differently. They have quickly jumped on the radar of various brands and businesses within a few months. Pinterest may also be used for the promotion of a business and brand awareness. It helps to generate more traffic as compared to YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. Pinterest has set up its own rules. For e.g. when you want to share something on Pinterest than each bookmark is defined as a pin. Also, if you want to share someone elses’ pins on Pinterest than it is termed as a repin.

What Is Pinterest Best For??

1.Enhance Your Profile With An Attractive Picture:
Creating a profile with profile picture is one of the best steps to help in identifying your account which works to grab people’s attention and clearly demonstrates who you are. In case of a business, the company’s logo with colorful background will prove to be more effective to catch people’s attention on Pinterest.

2.Connectivity With Other Social Networking Web Sites:
Connect your Pinterest account with other social networking sites because the connectivity makes Pinterest unique. If you are signing up for your Pinterest account through other social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook, than Pinterest will put icons on your profile link that directs the visitors to those networks.

3.Get The Right Analytic Tools:
There are many different types of free tools on Pinterest that will increase your chances of success on it. Pinterest analytic tools helps in tracking the people who are engaged in your content.It also focuses on that users relationship between what people pinning and what they buying online.

4.Create Your Own Unique Board:
Pinboard is important to define a category to start contributing to the Pinterest community. It must be defined in a unique way and should be properly named so that it contains the description to your website.

If the promotional project is related to fashion and design then you must create the fashion board on Pinterest. This kind of boards are helpful for users to represent some different from it,if you connected with fashion related business then it helps to marketing your product also. It’s mainly important on Pinterest how to lighten up and showcase your business and fun while you do it.

5.Market Your Business Through Frequently Pinning:
You have completely set up the profile, created pinboards than you can easily explore and find creative ways to promote your business on Pinterest. It becomes easier for the users to locate our business on Pinterest if these basic things are kept in mind.

Things To Avoid On Pinterest

1.Do Not Repin Indiscriminately
Each repin acts as a recommendation for the content. So it is mainly important to check pins that are clearly linked to articles. Don’t repin on the article without checking the article otherwise it may get considered as a spam.

2.Do Not Pin Too Much Of Your Own Material
Try to share some quality pictures,ideas and articles with your followers and try to show some varieties on your pins. Do not try to show other people’s materials as it would badly effect your own content.

3.Do Not Pin At Length
When you constantly pin and repin to fill up the page for your followers, that all things are noticeable. Constantly done this things are consider as a spammer so do pin with caution.If you are pinning from your own website then you can use the scheduling tool as a pingraphy to spread the publication of your pins in the whole day.

4.Do Not Ignore Your Boards Page
Set your pinboard as a seasonal type. It is a good idea to set your board page as a cover and also rearrange them occasionally. If someone clicks on your board than they should get the images pinned on your board in a systematic order.

5.Don’t Forget To Be Sociable
Spend more time to commenting on Pinterst and being properly sociable. Repining on someone’s pin also acts as a compliment. Also add some extraordinary special to search well like photography, beautiful designs and related your brand business.


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