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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

April 30, 2010

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Know How to Optimize Google Crawling and Indexing

Every business owner has a desire to get the best organic rank for their website, and which is the need of the hour. Due to this search engine optimization has been practiced in a larger ratio than the average by many business owners. Further you can easily find a whole lot of information regarding various optimizing techniques, website architecture, crawling and indexing on the World Wide Web but when it comes to the question of the implementation process, you will be surprised by nuances involved in that.

The main question which generally kicks the head of website owners is that how easy it is for search engines to crawl websites? We all know that all the latest and new contents are regularly updated on the internet, then in that scenario it really becomes impossible for search engine robots to crawl the entire content present online. This shows that only a percentage of these contents are crawled by search engine spiders. Besides all this amongst the crawled content, only a few portions are indexed because of the availability of limited resources. According to Susan Moskwa of Google, in one of her presentations giving smart tips on how to optimize the crawling & indexing. Since URLs act as bridges between a website and a search engine crawler, you should not try to make them complicated or redundant. If you want to allow crawlers to be able to find and crawl your URLs, then organize them in such a way that crawlers are directly led to distinct contents of your website. In this way you will prevent crawlers from wasting time on going through empty web-pages or crawling same web content again and again via different URLs. Moreover, optimization of URLs enables the crawlers to spend their time accessing the actual content of your website.

Besides all, consumers will find some other useful recommendations such as removal of user-specific details from URLs, disallowing actions which Google-bot cannot normally perform and sticking to one URL for a particular set of content. So if you are really interested in making your search engine crawlers trace your website faster, then, start following all provided Google SEO tips when you next time optimize your website. Finally for that you require a best seo firm and search engine optimization services.


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