Introducing Google OneBox and its Various Sections

Posted by Sanket Patel

May 05, 2010

SEO 8 min read

Since 2006, Google OneBox Result has been used on Google. Today whatever users are seeing is the latest and developed version of Google OneBox, Plus Box, Direct Answers and The 10-Pack. For example, when you search any keyword in, you receive the desired result related to that keyword. Nowadays the scenario of sites consumption and development has been changed. Now several Content Providers (Websites) have optimized their website including SEO / SMO, by following Google SEO Tips just to show up in search results.

Many of us must be thinking about how is it possible for Google to give results of various topics whatever input into the search box, which you can consider the best result by Google to deliver through the internet. The answer to this curious question is quite simple. It has various sections for doing this work which the user indirectly does not come to know about it. These sections are Google OneBox, Google’s “10-Pack”, Google’s Plus Box Search Result, Google’s Direct Search Box Results etc.

Google shows OneBox results for queries that can be answered instantly or when a direct link is provided. You will come to know that Search Results is a combination of news, reviews, images, video, and tweets. These are referred to as OneBox or Google OneBox.

Another feature is Google’s “10-Pack” which is usually used for showing local results in Google
OneBox. This feature is beneficial if you’re searching in your local area where it can display ten local listing locations for those keywords following in these categories such as location, events and other related contents.

Google’s Plus Box Search Result is also another important feature of Google. Now, this feature shows an additional plus (+) sign below the result in order to avail detailed information about that particular listing. For this user has to click that sign and find relevant information such as stock details.

And the last but not least is Google’s Direct Search Box Results which is counted as the most beneficial feature of Google. Now Google uses this feature when a direct answer is available for the user’s query like Wikipedia.


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