How We Helped A Service-Based Business To Boost Their Organic Traffic By 3,654%

Posted by Bakul Sengal

October 15, 2021

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In this digital era, driving traffic to your website can be similar to rocket science. You might think you’re doing everything right but getting organic visitors and more engagement on your website is a strategic amalgamation of various SEO strategies. With the help of professional SEO services, your website can have a wider reach resulting in more sales.

Our strategies helped our client to gain a hike of 3654 % organic traffic along with a significant increase in the overall website ranking. We relied solely on attaining organic leads with the help of custom SEO strategies which were uniquely designed after studying their business goals and target audience.“

With increased traffic and sales, you’ll notice that your business will be more in demand among your target audience. At Blurbpoint, we have a team of savvy digital marketers who bring along more than a decade of experience with them. With our SEO practices, we’ll help your brand achieve the right kind of attention and organic traffic. Our SEO strategy was developed, keeping in mind the client’s exclusive needs.

Let us first learn about the major challenges that we faced while working on the campaign. 


Attaining desired revenue and organic traffic for our clients isn’t a cakewalk. There are numerous hurdles, to begin with, and quite a few ups and downs during the journey. Nonetheless, we gave our best efforts and helped interview coaching businesses to attain their dream results.

  • Low volume of traffic and ranking

One of the biggest challenges was that the client had extremely low traffic on their website. Apart from that, the website ranking was also low. The website had a negligible online presence. As a result, the businesses didn’t gain the popularity they deserved.

  • Missing Meta 

We found that meta details were missing from the website. The meta describes the content of a webpage which helps in boosting the user-click-through rate. Missing meta means users will not find the page credible enough thereby affecting the overall website traffic. 

  • Content shortage

The website wasn’t getting proper recognition because of a lack of quality content. We observed that a lot of service pages did not have relevant and useful content. The search engine did not have enough information to index the web pages and help the website to rank higher.  The website did not have any blogs or informative articles. 

  • Low presence in the local area

Before we got our big guns loaded and targeted a wider sector of the market, we needed the locals to be aware of the client’s services. Sadly, the client had negligent awareness in the local areas. This acted as a major hurdle along with the others. 

Since the client offered offline coaching, it was difficult to get new leads amid the pandemic when people weren’t motivated to seek offline coaching. This meant insufficient leads which directly impacted the revenue. 

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After countless hours of hard work, and unmatchable efforts, we achieved the desired results. Our plan of action wasn’t short and sweet. It was rather long and well-thought. Let us start with a step-by-step breakdown of how we got the ball rolling!

Step one:                 

When we started working on the campaign, we found that there were only 3 branded keywords that were ranking in the top 10.  We resolved this by creating a group of high-volume keywords and those which had a high buying intent ( customers usually use these phrases whenever they are looking for relevant products/services) This helped us in optimizing the website and reducing the keyword gap. 

The result?

With proper optimization of the website content, meta tags, and other small tweaks in the website, we were able to secure a ranking for 19 high-performing keywords in the top 10 positions.

As mentioned earlier in the challenges, the site did not have meta tags. We fixed metadata issues and also set up Google Analytics & Search Console. This helped in improving the website’s search appearance thereby increasing organic search traffic. We also performed keyword mapping with relevant targeted pages. 

We analyzed customer behavior, added CTA buttons/banners where required. All these activities helped us to improve the organic leads by 2785.71 %. 

We also, fixed technical issues such as:

  • Identify the 404 errors
  • Low word count pages
  • Redirections
  • Missing or duplicate meta
  • External and internal broken links
  • Non-index pages
  • Orphaned pages
  • Link without anchor text
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Step two:

Once we did all the basic amends, it was time to see the bigger picture. As we observed earlier, the website did not have a lot of quality content. We conducted a webpage audit that helped us to determine the content gap and determine the right content structure for the website. We researched the trending topics and analyzed our competitor’s blog posts to get an idea of relevant topics that are trending. After that, our team shared the required Keyword Density, a detailed content structure that included intricacies such as the headings and subheadings to be used. We optimized the keywords, H1, topics, word count, and other missing points. 

After performing all these activities resulted, 111 keywords ranking for one of the blogs and generated 880% organic traffic improvement within 5 month. This resulted in overall website traffic growth.  We also optimized the content by adding various location-based and service-based long-tail keywords to attract our target audience, in this case, we targeted the local audience in London, UK. We also optimized the client’s GMB profile since GMB is a major source for gaining local clients which was our client’s primary motive.

We provided some additional web page suggestions which included identifying the scope of adding new pages and creating web page requirements according to the same. We also analyzed the competitor’s backlinks, client requirements, and created a plan of action accordingly. 

The above screenshot is our client’s feedback after they published the blog post as per the content structure and the keywords we provided. It helped them to generate satisfactory traffic on their website

The above image shows how our SEO efforts boosted the ranking of our targeted keywords by 60.73% in one year. 

Step three:

After we worked on the content of the website, we focused on Page speed optimization by optimizing the website images and conducting activities like minifying code, optimizing site fonts, eliminating render-blocking resources, cache-control. We also performed competitors backlink analysis to identify the link gap from the various competitors and then added the missing links on the relevant and high DA websites. We also identified the high DA websites with relevant niches and got the backlinks from the same domain. We audited each page of the website and found the missing functionalities and features. We then suggested the client add the same features to their website. 


All our activities helped us earn a name in the good books of Google. The below screenshot is the Google Console metrics. We have compared the data from September 2020 to February 2021 with March 2021 to August 2021. We saw a significant rise in the total clicks. From 3.79K the number of total clicks jumped to 12.4k. The total impressions spiked from 125909 to 198516. We saw a 106.66% improvement in CTR and the average position of the website has improved by 9.1%. 

Here is what the client had to say after six months of the campaign: 

The tools we used:

These tools played a vital role in helping us achieve the desired results:

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Accuranker
  • SurfferSEO
  • Screaming frog
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Page Speed Insights
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