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Posted by Sanket Patel

June 08, 2012

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Many of you are looking how to analyze the reach of your YouTube videos?

Now, you can measure the results of your videos with the help of YouTube’s video statistics and analytics tools. Buy why to use these tools to measure your YouTube marketing efforts. These are the effective tools that provide you the analytical know-how to help create enhanced and branded content to get your videos more effectively.

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In order to enhance the results with your future content, follow the below given points:

Make sure to track Number of Views: One of the most important ways to find out the success of your videos is to track how many views the video has over the time as it is fact the point of your videos is for people to watch them. At the bottom of each and every video, YouTube presents this metric to provide users and the uploader of the video a sense of its popularity.

One can use this metric in order to determine what type of content reverberates best with your audience. You can also view what your average numbers of views is per video in order to get idea about what video content does well to help guide your content creation in the future. To analyze your YouTube strategy, video views are the best foundation. So, keep this point in mind to determinant of each individual video’s success.

To view what reverberates with your audience, check ratings: The ratings of your video are another metric which illustrates direct viewer feedback. If you have see at the bottom right-hand corner of any of your videos where the video views are displayed then you will get the numbers of likes or dislikes the video that amazed you.

You will simply need to click on the bar graph you see there for more in-depth view of these ratings. You are able to compare comments, likes, dislikes and favorite of this video from its publication up until the present day. You can also use this information to determine what video content your audience likes and what content they don’t like.

At this level, the feedback is often a greater indication of engagement as compare to the views of your videos as the ratings need more auction from your YouTube audience. By using these three imminent from YouTube, you can map out what type of content to continue to product in the future. This feedback is in both forms likes as well as dislikes that help you search rankings as YouTube takes these factors into account when deciding where to rank your videos in the search results.

Research Important Discovery Events: If you want to clearly understand how traffic was driven to your YouTube videos then it is much important for you to learn how to drive reliable viewers to your videos.

You can also access this information by clicking on the same bar graph icon at the bottom right of most YouTube videos. Through it, all other sources of traffic didn’t draw as many views as the top referrals, allowing you to analyze the statistically significant sources of views.

This data also allow you actionable insights into which marketing channels drive traffic to your videos over others and allows you to focus your efforts.

Examine your Audience Demographics: you can click on the view more statistics button to get more analytics about your videos and can also look into your video statistics even further.

If you will grab more audience demographics then you will get help with future content creation in terms of making it as relevant as possible for the age, gender and geographical location of your viewership.

For deeper insights into the development of your audience, you can compare the viewer demographics of your videos and can get ideas on how to segment your audience based on the content of your video.

The video that you have created with the aim of reaching a particular demographic, you have to make sure that whether it is reaching right demographics or not. As it allows you to take informed decision for future content creation and marketing strategies.

Watch Viewers Drop-off: It is also most important for you to understand engagement on a deeper level and audience preservation is also plays important role. Audience retention means how long your viewers have watched your YouTube videos.

This is quite differing because of various factors that include the video’s length, quality, and content and so on. In order to understand where your viewers have stopped watching your video, you can observe audience retention metrics.

YouTube’s this aspect is completely benefited as it enables people to watch your video as where viewers stopped watching all at the same time. Now, you can get help to find out faults in your video content with this troubleshooting tool and this tool also helps you prevent the same issues in the future.

So, at time, if you face that your viewers have stop watching your videos then try to find out the reason. Try to understand all the reasons like was the video too long or what? Is there any content that irritated people?

Promote Subscriber Engagement: At the end, you ensure that you track the development of you’re subscribed base to understand the overall of your YouTube content and the continued interest your viewers have in future videos. To get a better sense of the subscribers you lost or gained on a video-by-video basis.

Use the subscriber report to get a better sense of the subscribers you lost or gained on a video-by-video basis. The more numbers of subscribers the more people who have the potential to see your channel’s video content on their subscriptions stream on the YouTube homepage. You can also track this report on a video-by-video basis to recognize any trends in this rise or fall of subscribers.


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