How to Step Up Your Business with Search, Content and Social Media

Posted by Sanket Patel

May 23, 2012

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It is fact that every customer including you’re get more information about your product or service through online news sites, social media referrals, search engines, and targeted content. When your customers are seeking of your business solution and if they are not able to find proper solution then your business may suffer from loss. Though, they are finding any information related to their products any other way, then also you will lose customers as it will not able to engaged them with your brand. So, it is advisable for you to publish appropriate content, stories related you so they find, like and trust you.

Arnie Kuenn simplifies in his book, Accelerate! Move Your Business Forward through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing.

“Web users are consumers of content and you need to deliver compelling content that will engage them, and keep them coming back for more.”

In this book, one can get information about successful digital publishing and consistent content quality. Aside to that, author also explains that if one can do it in right way then you will easily produce content that attracts links, meets the real needs of your customers, compels people to share it on social media, etc.

Here, you will find some key concepts that will helpful for your business:

(1) Use Keyword Research for Targeting Your Traffic

For content marketing strategy, Keywords plays an essential role in the content. Keywords are considered as basic means of communication between searcher and search engine that is symbolized by interest and searcher’s voice. Below one can find information regarding how to suggest relevant keywords and phrases for your business:

  • What are the key terms that you identify with your industry?
  • Do you have model numbers or serial numbers that someone might search for?
  • Do your products come in different styles or colors?
  • Consider your products or services by components. For example, if you sell playground equipment, what are the components of the playground equipment that you sell: swing set, slide, monkey bars, etc.?
  • Would your product or service be categorized differently by region, or even by country? For example, one searcher might search “auto insurance” and another might search “car insurance.”
  • From your market research, determine what kinds of questions people are asking about your industry. Do these questions give you new insight into how your products are being seen that you hadn’t considered before?

It is advisable for you to think like searcher about keywords and phrases and implement it into your business.

(2) Maintain Successful Content

For great success, it is must for you to maintain your content constantly. If you are ignoring your content then you will lose your business. Your brand and expertise is represented by your content that is helpful for meeting your customer’s requirement. It is must for you to update your content timely, relevantly, and accurately, whether online or offline.

Some common content issues are given below that move in while maintenance is neglected:

  • Broken links within the content
  • Inconsistency with branding style
  • Policy changes that may affect content
  • Inaccurate or missing meta-descriptions
  • Old, inaccurate or irrelevant content

One can have to do a content audit in order to monitor existing content assets that include simple Excel spreadsheet in order to take inventory.

At the end, it is best to keep content that

  • Meets your organizational goals.
  • Is relevant, timely and useful.
  • Adds value to your customers’ experience.

(3) For optimizing Content, Use Link Properly

The most essential part of search engine optimization is the way you are managing your links. One of the important things is to make clear where a link will take your visitors. As compare to ambiguous or generic words like “click here” as anchor text, it is best to use clear and definitive words.

Best Tips regarding Link:


  • Put the color of link different from the main text.
  • Highlighted (anchor text) must be a good clue that you are linking to your content.
  • As we all have an idea that broken links look sloppy and gives great impression that you may have forgotten about the page. Users as well as search engines frown upon broken links.
  • Internal links in your content accomplished desire to search engines in your content. It is best clues to your website’s relevance.
  • It is must to avoid generic anchor text such as “Want to read more? Click here” while using internal links.

(4) Promote Content By using Social Media in Best Manner

Social media plays an important role for interacting with potential customers. It is best to use a sense of familiarity and comfort to your brand image and put it into social media website. There are many companies that are setting up their websites and increase their fan-followings. These companies are updating their information daily basis and also give latest news and information about their offered products and services.


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