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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

September 10, 2012

How to Remove Ripoff Report Reviews and Protect Your Brand Reputation?

If you have been listed in the Ripoff Report, you know how frustrating it is and how powerless you feel. You’ve read the simple guidelines by rip-off report but the fact is they are not seems working anyhow. There is simply no way out of the  Rip-off Report once you’re in it.

If you are unfamiliar with Ripoff Report, you might want to pray so that never need to be familiar with them, the site exists as a platform for consumers to state their grievances, complaints and allegations about a deal. Unfortunately, there appears to be rip-off report simply to make money with different negative messages and is a rare event sees anything negative eliminated, even if resolved.

Remove ripoff report

Rand Fishkin from SEOMOZ has provide superb disaggregation on some of the questionable tactics used byRipoff Report and tried to explain us that Rip-off Report is working hard to make money by negative reviews.

So this post is the attempt to guide our valuable readers that what they can do if they will find themselves as victim of Rip-off report?  Well still you have a lot of money to pay to rip-off which is rumored by many community seems ineffective, Blurbpoint would like to guide you how you can remove or down list yournegative reviews from Google by creating an interesting and positive webcontent for your own website.

Below you can find the process what we do while removing any rip-off reports listing. Hope you will find it helpful and we have no doubt in it. You can ask us any question related to online reputation management in comments below.

So here we go,

Use Rebuttal to offend your negative report.

Rip-off report provide a cool service or you can say a tool which can helps a bit to save Companies who have been named in a report, you can choose to answer by submitting a “rebuttal” which explains its side of the story. Just like reports, replicas can be posted free of charge by any person with a user account. However, the Rip-off Report may restrict the number of rebuttals to the report and may decline to post rebuttals in some instances.
Tip- If you are about to post a Rebuttal after reading this we would like to suggest you that never use a company name or a person name. It will actually give one more reason to search engines to rank rip-off listing for your brand name. So instead of using Name try to say something else. For example instead of Google has said try using something like the company had stated above.

You can join Rip-off reports “Corporate Advocacy Program”

In short, Ripoff Report will perform a “investigation” into reports submitted by yourself and publish your results over the original report. Even if the reports are true violators, Ripoff Report can be said that the reports have been resolved and committed to customer satisfaction 100% (provided that you make a commitment to Ripoff Report.)

Well after that original report still remains on the Internet and Search Engines just the difference is that now they will show a positive content instead of negative one. But still the risk has not been overlapped as still you website is listed on the website named Rip-off Report.

Interestingly, Rip-off Report is now offering a “VIP Arbitration Program.” Primarily, you pay a fee to a Rip-off report scam and then allowed to challenge the veracity of the allegation made against him. If the arbitrator finds in your favor, you can compose Ripoff Report false statements in the report.

VIP Arbitration Program is comparably cheap than Corporate Advocacy Program but still you need to pay money to the Rip-off report.

You can sue the author of the report.

Few people take this path because the original author rarely has the financial resources to pay any monetary compensation could be obtained. In addition, Ripoff Report not permits the original author to eliminate infringing report anyway, so getting a court order requiring withdrawing the report is of small value.

You can hire professionals like Blurbpoint to down list the Rip-off report of you.

The best most effective way to counter Rip-off report is just that you down list their results from the Google first page. Well this is an effective strategy but only results positive if done correctly it takes a lot of understanding about search engine ranking behavior. So you can create a kind of content which gives your visitors a very strong reason to choose you apart of getting influenced by your bad review.

A very professional execution of SEO and SMO can provide you a big relief permanently from the negativity over the internet. SEO only inspires the branding of your business and its name as it is the fact that not a single company in this world gets 100% customer retention so instead of being worried by the negative reviews you should better plan how to make a positive and impressive impression of your brand.

You can discuss with us on how to perform a online reputation if your brand name has been hammered by any of your competitors, customers or may be your unsatisfied employee. Or discuss any confusion related to Online Reputation Management in comments below.


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