How to Improve Your Online Visibility

Posted by Anant Patel

January 30, 2013

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With the Internet being an enormous repository of different sorts of information, you can find just about anything you want. Whether you need to locate some products, businesses, organizations or information about something or someone, the internet is a one-stop solution. However, with so much information online, making yourself visible becomes a tough deal. Unless a consumer sees a product or service, it cannot be sold. Therefore, any business has to pay little more than usual attention in making their presence online. Online Visibility

Following are few important aspects of Internet Marketing strategy that can be used to give you better visibility online.

Search Engine Optimization

Research shows that when you search for something on Google, the top 5 links of the search result are the ones that are clicked over 70% of the time. Nobody even bothers to go to the next few pages to find results. So, if you are not among the top links, there is hardly any chance for you to be able to generate any sort of business. Now, Search Engine Optimization is a technique, which can make your website reach the top rankings in search results. Any company that invests time in optimizing their website naturally, has a chance to crawl up the search results.

Add Blog

A company site should not only appeal to search engines but also be able to develop an interest in potential customers. Adding a blog to your website stimulates interest among users to return to your page to find something new. With the help of a blog, you can also create keyword-rich content. Different blogs can be created to focus on different keywords. When a user searches a particular thing over the internet, these keywords help search engines to locate appropriate results. However, stuffing too many keywords with agreed to increase visibility will make Google frown about lack of readability. The main purpose of a blog is to show that your organization is knowledgeable and active.

Social Media

Social Media is gaining much more important than ever for any sort of business. Nowadays, search engines incorporate signals like posts, comments, status from social media. This means that talking about something on social media like Facebook or Twitter is going to make a difference in your visibility online. What you can do is create a branded business page for your business on every social media outlet and add compelling content for users to read and follow. Talking about your product, service or offer can generate a lot of buzzes and move up in Google ranking.

Web Analytics

A good website should have tools that can track visitor’s activities and where they come from. It should be able to track what keyword search leads them to your site, is there a backlink that is generating heavy traffic for your website, is the keyword-optimized, are users quitting there search after a certain point or is your website generating error through some browser? All these questions will allow you to refine your website so that it is able to have a better approach.

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