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Posted by Hiren Vaghela

November 05, 2014

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Most of the content assets being published every day on the web are comprised of text-based pieces.

Producing these assets would need a higher standard of content writing skills to effectively create a free flow of thought/message with the context of the article and make it easy for readers to understand the topic/theme of the content.

A higher level of content writing would definitely be necessary for a strategic link development, specifically on the following activities:

1) Creating internal content with thorough research and outline targeting a specific topic/theme.

2) Delivering expertly-made content on other industry-related blogs

3) Sending email outreaches to potential linkers and like-minded bloggers in the niche (your
pitch is considered as a content).

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Now that you understand that content writing is a very useful skill in link development, let’s move on to some actionable points on how you can improve your content writing skill.

Let’s get started.

Start writing about your brand

One of the untapped ways to improve content writing is simply writing posts about your brand.

There are many reasons why you need to start working on your brand first, a few of them are:

1) It helps you learn more about your brand, specifically on the value proposition of your product/services (what makes your offering unique in your industry?)

2) You get to learn more about untapped topics/ideas that are not yet discussed heavily on your competitors’ blogs (which can you can take advantage of to create content themes for your website wherein you’ll be known for in your industry once you start writing posts around those themes.

3) It provides two benefits for you as the content creator: you improve your writing skill and at the same time, getting more exposure for your brand (if you’re writing posts that’ll be published on other blogs).

Now the question here is, how can I get started writing posts about my brand?

The answer is you need to identify topics that will best resonate with your audience, particularly your target customers/clients.

Tips to determine topics with high usage potential:

1) Ask your current visitors/customers with specific questions that will help you understand their needs and pain points – you can use Qeryz to create mini-surveys in any page of your website. These questions don’t only reveal the best answers to questions but also helps you create better copies on your landing page(s) – which is an effective conversion rate optimization strategy.

2) Research on the popular content of your competitors and get content inspirations from them (target subsections of their content that requires more discussions and additional information).

3) Start to get insights from your email marketing campaign. Analyze your data using email marketing tools like GetResponse to determine topics/themes your current subscribers/users are interested to see or consume from your website. You can also use the A/B testing feature to identify the type of headline, content (text/image) and call to actions the are more likely to give you better results.

Always find unique angle to cover your topic

Unexpected hook in your content provides excitement to your readers given that the content has an information that is not yet been covered on other blogs, which reveals more of the brand’s expertise around the content’s topic and raises the quality bar of the piece.

Things that can help you find unique angles for your topic:

1) Search for your topic in Google searches and evaluate the first top 10 pages in the search result. See what’s lacking in them in terms of context/information or there might be sections in the content that need further discussion.

2) Using the ranking pages mentioned above, you can also dive in to the comment section below each blog post/page. You might see some questions that are being asked by the community that will add unique angles to your content, when your start writing posts for those topics.

Practice 7-minute a day habit

When you do a thing for at least 7 minutes a day consistently in 21 days, you’ll make that thing as your habit.

This is a very effective strategy if you want to improve your content writing skills. As time passes by, you’ll get to learn new things along the way, including:

1) Creating a free flow of message within your content, which can help your readers better understand your topic.

2) Minimizing grammatical errors and wrong formatting which will of course improve your content’s readability.

3) Learning how to write catchy headlines that will not only get your potential readers click on the title of the post but also stick reading the entire article.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to improve the quality of your content and the mentioned actionable tips above can already help you improve your writing skill. Always remember that practicing the right thing makes your work perfect.

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