How to enhance your blog rank?

Posted by Sanket Patel

April 28, 2010

SEO 8 min read

Improving a blog ranking and marketing is no longer kids stuff. With the growing demand of the market, it has turned out to be a serious business, and that is also if your goal is to make money by blogging for your business. Today blog marketing is more dominant than static site marketing mainly due to all the facilities Web 2.0 offers. It’s highly important to know about certain ways to take advantage of what web 2.0 has to offer to boost blog traffic, links and engine ranking. First of all, it’s needed to know all these relevant ways to enhance the blog ranking as Get exposed, Tag you’re it, Social Bookmarking, article submission Get involved, Get connected, Digging for treasure, and much more.

We will first discuss the ‘Get exposed’ factor just to know how much contribution it can give to increase the blog ranking. For example, have you ever wondered how large news and content sites update their headlines? Like Syndicate with RSS. Now here using the feed which comes with your blog might appear somewhat like an ok option, using a custom feed, that specifically separates keyword groups for content that you develop often, is a far better option. Now here Syndicating with RSS enhances your exposure. Similarly, all the above-mentioned ways have something to contribute in terms of blog ranking. Your deep study and in-depth knowledge are what plays an important role. Here expert guidance can play a major role to know the pros and cons of blog ranking.

Even you can update tags making it easier for your viewers to find your blog post and video and photos which are related ones. This is another way of enhancing your blog ranking. If you’re seriously interested in enhancing your blog ranking then you should start using the above-mentioned ways. Also publishing on a blog platform provides you with the chance to reach a maximum number of qualitative people quite quickly than a static site. All in all, I will like to say that start using these ways to take complete benefits of what your blogging can give you and your business.


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