How To Convert Your Email Subscribers Into True Customers

Posted by Bakul Sengal

May 05, 2016

Internet Marketing 22 min read

Are you loaded with the list of subscribers, but don’t know, what to say and when to say it?

To establish strong relationships with the email subscribers, most of the content marketers and digital marketers implement one simple, true and tried way – email newsletter.

Generating an email newsletter is an exceptional way to build and develop a reliable bond with your audience.


It is quintessential to understand the anatomy of a good and consistent email newsletter because a good email enables you to give valuable information to your subscribers. And, asking your audience for feedback or input even makes it easier for you to create an effective email. Moreover, it also enables you to listen to your audience and have real conversations with them. This is where you can start working deeply and turn your subscribers into true customers.

Explore where does your newsletter best fit in your content marketing strategy and overall marketing strategy.

Once you design and develop a content marketing strategy, you strive to promote your valuable content. With high quality, consistent and effective content, you invite people to visit your website and then comes the right time to direct visitors to sign up for your email lists.

Bravo! Now, you get busier creating more content, which also needs to be promoted. Being a smart content marketer, you should be ready to accept the challenges as it is a critical process. Creating and promoting effective content is a vicious task. You need to get a better understanding of your audience’s interests. The aim of your content should not just be to generate traffic, it should be to connect with your target audience and drive them closer to your solutions.

Generating and running a stunning newsletter is all about allowing your subscribers to connect with you and your brand message. Your email newsletter is an asset and a valuable piece of content. Scheduling it in the priority will allow you to create an experience for your subscribers that takes them deep into the journey of your brand.

You need to be very careful while choosing the type of newsletter to start with. I’ve listed below three main types, each one of them has its own benefits and obstacles to overcome. But, each one of them will help and encourage your readers to understand, like and rely on you.

1.Render your best Work consistently

Create a unique piece of content for your newsletter which is not found anywhere else before you send it to your subscribers. Promise a fixed time to deliver your best work and promote through newsletters. Let’s say every Sunday morning!


Obviously, writing a weekly email will be time-consuming work, but it helps you to augment the revenue and build up authority for you and your company. If you take this newsletter seriously as an integral part of your content marketing strategy, it’ll do wonders for you and become valuable to you. It’ll give the reader an exclusive feeling of being a part of your group.

To effectively craft the best working newsletter, you need to follow these points:

Create unique and exclusive content every week
Set up a fixed schedule and stick to it
Even if your list is not so long, Start Writing

Writing an effective and unique newsletter each week is a perfect way to show up for your target audience, develop relationships and generate significant revenue. If this seems to be a daunting task to you, you may choose a different style of the newsletter.

2.Properly curate the content to make it an asset

You must be spending endless hours researching new sites, scouring various blogs and social media to capture all the latest and important information being written in your niche.
In order to publish a curated newsletter, you need to collect the most valuable data, add your personal touch, a unique voice when you introduce or summarize the links in the content. Remember, your curation skills will help provide value for your audience and save your time.


You need to follow these points to create an effective curation newsletter:

Add your own brand uniqueness to the newsletter
Try to cover several topics while picking an overarching theme
Publish these archives on your website and encourage visitors to share

A curation newsletter is a proven component of a winning content marketing strategy as it is an effective piece of content and an audience building tool.

So, Start Curating the endless content on the web.

3.Create highlighted and summarized content

If your business already produces loads of useful, valuable and remarkable content weekly, then you may not need to produce another unique piece of content. So, you get an opportunity to save enough time and resources and repurpose the existing content instead of crafting a new one. You can use your newsletter to showcase your latest articles, podcast episodes, offering a product or service, a list of best-selling products and promoting the free stuff. Using a different template for each type of content makes it easier to produce a variety of newsletters.

Let’s see some of the important points to include while summarizing the content of your newsletter:

Choose the products and services you wish to promote
Design a template and a consistent layout for different types of newsletters
Produce a steady stream of important and useful content

Concluding, Newsletters are a proactive way to regularly update your target audience.

Make Your Newsletters Easy to Forward

Often it is seen that people respond well to those whom they trust. So, just adding a “Forward to a friend” button/link in your newsletter can help you improve the reach of your messages and get the people who’re interested in your subscribers’ list. Such links can convert your subscribers to brand advocates when you allow them to send the messages to their friends. Additionally, the recipients of forwarded messages may likely be exploring your website if someone they trust is sending it their way.

Wrap up – Develop Strong and Deep Relations With Your Subscribers

So, synchronize deeply with your subscribers and make an ultimate choice for your newsletters.

It doesn’t matter what content strategy you’re applying currently, by creating an effective newsletter and constantly delivering and staying in touch with your subscribers will definitely benefit you. So, stop thinking and start writing a unique piece of content every week, research the highlights from your industry, curate the content and reach out to your audience.


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