How to boost an Online Reputation Management Strategy? : Part-1

Posted by Sanket Patel

June 29, 2012

ORM abbreviated for Online Reputation Management, which is one of the significant components of various corporate branding campaigns in the year 2011. The main goal of any reputation management strategy is to have the ability to replace positive sentiment with negative.

So, do you have any idea what is being said about you, your brand and your company? No matter, it is right or wrong, what is being said online have a big power on what others think about you and your brand. To play a big role in the public relations strategy, more than 76% of retailers expect to have online content. It is also well-understood that reputation is thought which danger for any company’s future success. Now, one of the main questions is how to associate with the right strategy to protect your brand from any kind of negative manipulates.

The below-given step is effective for boosting an Online Reputation Management Strategy:

Tracking and Monitoring: It is extremely important for you to know what is being said about you and also get a complete idea about what sentiment is before you manage your online reputation. Generally, sentiment can be measured in neutral, positive and negative terms. You have to identify several methods that you plan to utilize to listen to online conversations in order to do this.

To monitor your online reputation, Facebook, blogs, Twitter and YouTube are great places. You also have to recognize some keywords which symbolize you and your brand if you want to start with this process. You can find various tools which enable people to type any keyword and get reports sent through email or any other option which offers you blog posts or tweets that have those keywords. Make sure to read that carefully and pick out some that are relevant to you!

There are some effective tools that help you with this:

* Social MentionMore about

* Google AlertsMore about

* TweetBeepMore about

Social Mention is completely the best tool that I love to use if I am spot-checking keyword phrases. You will get a complete list of tweets and posts relevant to your keywords phrase as you will type keywords. One can also get a report on sentiment. It is also helpful as you want to spot-check different keywords.

Into a search engine, you just type the keywords in order to monitor and can see what results appear. When you get any negative listing that besides your brand, may you develop an SEO campaign in order to repress the unhelpful ones with fresh positive content.


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