How to boost an Online Reputation Management Strategy? : Part-3

Posted by Sanket Patel

July 10, 2012

Internet Marketing 8 min read

In the previous post, we have discussed, two factors, i.e. Tracking & monitoring and Evaluate and interpret. In this article, another important factor that engages and acts will be discussed. As engage and act is last and important factor, so it is must to consider it as important. I am sure; you have made a list of categories that you have to address. Now, you have an idea about the issues that you want to focus on. So, it is best, if you are put it into action. You can also take the help of an editorial calendar from which you can make a plan about how and at what time you will act.

With the help of proper timing, you can easily make action into a reaction. You have to take two steps for each of the categories in which you need to plan an activity that will take to address them. Once, you have decided to execute the plan, after that it is a must for you to assign that plan to your team members. You have to consider two strategies, i.e. reactive and proactive. Reactive means you have set up an account and visitors have to make replies to conversations in positive or negative ways. While this case occurs, a policy should be placed that includes information related to what should and should not be said as team members respond to feedback and comments.

Apart from this, you can also recognize that at what point this issue becomes serious that it should be raised to an advanced level for an accurate reply. As you have an idea that matters can be raised overnight so it is a must to be prepared for taking the appropriate decision at the proper time. Acting proactively is one of the important factors of any reputation strategy in which you have to plan positive messages, articles, press releases, etc. that gives assurance about you have a constant flow of content, which you have planned in advance from your editorial calendar. It is cycled process so while you are completed your progress, you have to start over again and take note that your efforts have made an impact.


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