How “Social Profiling” will Work in the Real World

Posted by Sanket Patel

April 26, 2012

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Believe it or not, these day’s latest technologies will allow strangers to get information about your social scores before you talk with them.

Now, there are some trouble making technologies on the horizon which will allow social data to be easily accessed and viewable in the real world situations. In the term of race, law and enforcement, profiling has negative suggestions and commonly using by marketers in order to sort people. This same profiling tactics applied to today’s modern world in our digital and social world.

Social Profiling Defined and the latest technologies will Fuel It:

Many of you are thinking that what is social profiling? Well, it is digital technologies which allow social data to easily referenced in public by others using mobile and any other technologies. The latest and new technologies are quickly emerging in the market and it also enables people to cover digital content on top of the real world, called Augmented Reality. We are also expecting that Google is going to launch their Google Goggles “Project Glass” in this summer. Add to this news, it is also a news that Apple’s new iPhone will have facial recognition features which allow people to identify people and it is also expected that we will able to pull digital content about them.

Make sure that you don’t rely on Social Scores – Understand true Influence:

According to logic new mobile applications will appear and allow digital content about us, in fact, we also have to expect apps to appear which allow us to tell one’s Twitter follower count, Klout score, and Facebook fans. Before talking about the conclusions on how this can help us to identify the influencers to take altimeter’s guidance in understanding that these tools tell the story.

Social Profiling impacting on Society, Business and you

You have to understand that social profiling tactics and technologies impacting us at-least in three ways:

Digital Influence scores will appear in Public whether you like it or not: these days, the social dynamics of determining who dominant member of society is has been changed. Now, the largest male and richest female will rival that most ‘influential’ person in the room and everyone will know it quickly. In business, a new pecking order can emerge and it smashes corporate ladder, wealth or charm.

In order to prioritize and reward influencers, marketers will use this: for years, there are various brands that have been attracted to influencers and now they have latest and new tools to segment. To get the special treatment, hotels like palms are prioritizing guests with high Klout scores.

To provide digital grooming, new business models will appear: As like personal grooming in the bathroom, we all now also have to prepare for our own digital grooming as we venture into the real world. You can also expect new forms of digital consultant to emerge that will help professionals manage and improve the digital self.

So, get ready for this new world where our digital lives will be simply displayed across the physical world.


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