Effective Social Media Strategies to Attract and Engage Customers

Posted by Sanket Patel

November 21, 2018

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Social media is one such platform which is being used by various brands to spread the word in front of their potential customers. From social selling, collaborating with influencers, content marketing and digital marketing- social media is one destination to cater all the needs as far as digital marketing is concerned. It gives you the perfect opportunity to reach the maximum audience and stay connected with your customers.

However, with the rise in social media marketing– it can be quite a task to compete with all the brand that use it as their platform for marketing. This makes it essential to make your brand stand out from the rest of the competitors.

It might happen that you are active on the social media platform but you are not attracting the expected traffic. This might be due to the fact that there are hundreds of social media apps available and you are probably using the wrong app to market your brand.

Make sure you are active on a platform that is ideal for your brand and the type of services you provide. This will make sure that you don’t struggle for progress. For example, Tumblr is an app which is usually used by teenagers or people under 25. so make sure if you are marketing something which is supposed to be used by millennials then apps like Tumblr are perfect for you.

It is important to define a goal

Social media is one such platform which can prove to be very overwhelming. It is important to define your goals before indulge in any social media campaign. Setting goals involves the following things:

Deciding a social media platform according to the niche of your business

These two aspects determine what type of social media engagement activities should be conducted to make sure that your brand name is spread among the right audience. Develop your social media page according to your target audience. For example: choosing a colour theme like pink, white or any other neutral shade will look more appealing if your brand is selling something exclusive to women.

Targeting the right audience

It is important to attract customers. However, it is more vital to attracting a relevant audience who can actually be beneficial for your business. A brand can target the right audience by keeping in mind what the target audience might find compelling in a particular brand. What is your targeted audience interested in? Does your social media match up to their interest level?

Ask yourself all these questions and you will be able to tell what area of your social media needs improvement. Be consistent on what you post and connect with influencers who can help your brand to reach to the right kind of audience.

Tiny efforts matter

Keep your profile bio updated in a way that the visitors of your profile can learn about your brand by reading those two or three lines of description. Also, make sure that you update about any upcoming offers or discounts that are prevailing on your website. This will keep the audience engaged and make sure that they are well aware of the current offers.

One more thing to be considered is maintaining a particular theme for your social media page. Consistency always looks appealing and that is one aspect that attracts the customers. An aesthetically appealing page will always attract more audience than an unorganized page

Optimum utilization of various social media features

A hashtag is one unique feature that allows you to share posts under various categories. It is one of the most used social media features which helps the audience to find relevant content simply by searching for the hashtag.
For example: if you want to search for food recipes you can simply search for #foodrecipes and you will find millions of food recipes on Instagram, facebook and twitter.

Make sure that you create visually attractive images which help in grabbing the attention of a large audience. A lot of social media users prefer video marketing tools these days. Videos under 10 seconds are trending which convey the message in a short period of time as a lot of users lose interest if the video is too long.

Gaining the first few followers might be too difficult and you might think it is taking ages for the audience to respond. However, once your content is being liked and shared on social media it is very likely that people will start to follow you to keep up with your posts. You can ensure this by creating quality as well as unique content.

Make sure to put out as much information as possible so that the audience can get a true picture of the brand. This will develop a sense of trust among the audience. Keep your audience updated about anything that your brand is conducting, be it events, sales, offers or discounts.

Apart from all these factors, the most important thing is to keep your users/customers happy and strive to provide the best service output.


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