Guidelines to Convert end users from your about us page

Posted by Sanket Patel

March 14, 2012

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About Us page is one of the most underutilized pieces of website well there are lots of webmasters who are treating this page as a casual repository for a stock biography, company history and more. Most of the customers are more interested to know more about you and about your products & services. It indicates that they are interested in purchasing your products and services, and also makes some further conversation.

So, you have to make sure that you don’t waste this valuable opportunity by which you can engage with visitors and can increase conversion. Well generally, there are three types of conversions that you can follow from your About page such as newsletter signups, leads and sales. Let’s discuss these points in order to decide when and how to decide each and every option effectively.

Newsletter signups:

Newsletter signups is one of the easiest as well as simplest conversion types to feature on your About page. As I told you before that people who visit this page are more interested to know about you and your products. It is very simple to encourage these readers which one way to get to know you and your business even better is to sign up to receive the email newsletter.

You also make sure to consider the case study featured by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, who added an opt-in form for his email newsletter to his About page on the recommendation of conversions expert Derek Halpern.  By changes which I have made adding an opt-in form to the About page, it increases the number of subscribers the most and this makes perfect sense.

Through About Page, you can describe that who I am and which products and services you are offering. This page is the most visited page in the navigation menu and this page doesn’t include any kind of links, resources and any other calls to action.

You can also create a divided opt-in form from within your email list management program to implant on the page by which you can increase newsletter signups from your about page. You can also use language on your form which also targets especially your about page by which you can maximize newsletter signups. So, you always remember to create a separate version of your form in order to split the test on this important page to make the opt-in form as best as you can.


If your online business model is revolving around attracting qualified leads is to sell or use in an offline business then your about page is one of the best places to start converting new visitors. It is also similar to the newsletter process, you have to add a lead generation form to your about page works because the people who have arrived on this page have already demonstrated interest in knowing more about your company.

It is one of the simplest changes to motivate them to take the next step of bestowing you their contact info to receive more information. For example, if your about page has lots of information regarding your page and you also provide information about services and products that you are offering then they will surely be interested to know more about your products and services.

Why don’t you create a separate form in order to detain these already-interested readers on the spot? You also ensure that you use this language on the page which tells readers which filling in the lead generation form is simply the next stage in the process of getting to know your company by this way; you can make your website more amazing and phenomenal in capturing new leads and increasing conversions.


Many of you all know that converting your page visitors into buyers is one of the trickiest options in terms of increasing conversions but you always have to make sure that it did very well so that it can not dramatically increase your website’s revenue and ROI.

Once again, the major key to increase the sales conversion on your about page lies in you readers’ mind. Well, if people who have reached this important page to your website will surely interest in knowing more about you. It means they are ready to invest more time in your company. So, you make sure that you don’t only leave this page filling with a simple bio and company history. You use your about page as a place to highlight a few products for them to start with. Make sure to do this effectively so consider the given points:

Highlight your favourite products:

If you have various products to sell then make sure to highlight some of your favourite products. You can also offer personal comments on why you love each of the products.

Showcase your bestsellers:

There are some best sellers who are looking for the next steps to take with your company so if you are offering various products to your website for selling then consider using this space to feature the products that sell best on your website.

You can also set a Google Analytics goal which tracks how many sales result from visitors who land on a product page from your About page by this way, you can easily determine that whether or not you have selected an accurate product to feature on your about page.

To determine whether or not you’ve chosen the right products to feature on your About page, set up a Google Analytics “goal” that tracks how many sales result from visitors who land on a product page from your About page.  If you aren’t seeing high conversions from the products you initially feature, swap them out with others until you hit on a winning combination.

Apart from these three conversation types, there are lots of business owners who are using SEO services for their website in order to increase the number of visitors on their website.


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