Guest Blogging Strategies for Awesome Link Building Campaign

Posted by Anal Bhatt

April 15, 2013

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Guest Blogging is a great way to build your brand in the Global Market consider a very much important technique to Make your website more popular and also can Earn quality links to your site. As we all know Guest Blogging is very important to grow your audience, So It is very much necessary to write unique content with relevant information. This content is often shared with a large audience and increases the potentiality of your site. Guest blogging strategy is very much important as It will give you positive ways to raise your brand awareness to many people, earn recognition from other communities as a lead, and receiving very good opportunities in the future, But in some manner Guest Blogging also get run down, Spammy, Law quality and junky.

Guest Blog your way to success

Guest Blogging Strategy (Step-by-step):

Today we will discuss Guest blogging strategies that will help you to get high-quality links, increase site popularity, and most important thing people will like your content, reading it and also sharing on social media platforms.

1) Trying to find Good Targets:

When You will searching for Guest blogs for your niche, It should be necessary to know to find a few tools as I recommend over here. First, I am sure you all are aware of Google searches, But you can get more ideas of advanced searches like “Guest author in URL blog” or “ Guest post “ or “Guest contributor” variations OR “Guest posting Guidelines”, “Guest authoring Guidelines”, “Guest Blog Guidelines” using three types of queries inside of search engines searches. You just want to add something about the content, Keywords, or Keyword phrases.

Example: If you add the keyword “SEO” in Google search results, then You can also have options like “SEO Services” or “Search engine optimization” and find people in the internet world.

The usage of certain metrics like Domain authority from open site explorer and page authority, MozRank, etc. are really very good and very helpful as well. Also, you can go to and use its search function to actually search for blogs by name or by topic area and you will find the blogs with the subscriber counts with the number of people who subscribe in Google Reader. These Counts will give you numbers like how well-read those blogs are and how well distributed they are. If you found thousands of subscribers then it has tremendous value. This is a very good Research tool in general.

I also want to suggest another thing that is using some blog Directories, If you are struggling to find topic areas, then do not find them through your keywords. But you need to Go dig into some of the structured and organized hierarchies. There are so many options to find an excellent directory list of blogs like blogger, My blog Guest, Technorati, and Alltop, etc. These are very important sites, as you have a link from one of these sites that get scraped and republished all over the web and you can also get links from a lot more domains than just the one domain from where you are writing. You can contribute your Guest post to very high authority sites. It is a unique place that your competitors are going to have a very tough time reaching.

2) Building relationships:

This is a very important step in Guest Blogging strategies. Building relationships is very much necessary while you are creating a guest post. No one can post your Blog and even you are not allowing a post from an unknown person in your own Blog. It’s a fact thing. I would say using Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ +, etc. is the best platform to Identify your ways and build your profile as well. I know it will take time but You can establish your communication through interaction with many people and engage with your target. You are definitely trying to reach out to for your guest post before you send them a request. Give them some time to recognize You, That you are a real person, and in another way you know who they are and research them in their own industry. Being an active participant over social media is one of the best resources to get engaged with many people who are in relevant industries, what you are searching for. You are able to make comments on any other Blog, share your own content, Doing Tweets and also share your Events, etc. After getting engaged with people they are also read your blogs with curiosity and figure it out as an important post. They consider it as Good informative tips and the relationship is going to be much better as you ask for a favor “Hey will you post my Guest post “?

3) Optimize your content:

You really focus on optimize your content and think about writing for a large audience. You should notice some factors that are the readers actually looking for? You can see what people have guest posted previously? Or else what the authors are writing about? From all these points now you can easily able to write far more effective content that’s more likely to get published and more likely to be shared by that audience. Remember, the criteria do not just want a post to go up and provide you with a link. You are looking for that content to spread far and wide. You want lots of people to like your content on social media networks, make comment on it, and also subscribing to your blog and RSS Feed, following your Brand on Facebook as well. You want to get all those people at the top of your marketing Funnel So that they are feeling comfortable and familiar with you and they trust you and like you. You can also use the Open site Explorer top pages tool and you can see all the social share numbers and all kinds of stuff like Comments, share or promote content and likes, and also Links too. You can start to follow people who are deeply engaging with your community and get interact with them.

4) Bio Links:

This is an important tactic, In Bio Links, you usually getting a link in the form of a bio and people. If you submit a guest post and if it has a lot of anchor text links pointing to your content, then no one is going to approve it. Even if the content is relevant, but people are going to think you are spammy and they are going to assume you are just there for the SEO. Create Bio links is a really very interesting task as you know how you can create anchor text to overlap well with your branding. You can also use things like images and graphics, videos, or interactive tools, interactive content that you are referencing back to your site in your unique content. You have a clear vision that how you create Bio links to represent your Brand name in a positive way.

Note: I want to share with you a very important thing. Sometimes it happens When people write Guest posts they don’t do any SEO and they are not actually targeting keywords. The second thing they do and target their primary keyword phrases on somebody else’s site. Both things are completely wrong. So, I highly recommend targeting secondary or tertiary keyword phrases in your list of important keywords as they are not super high volume but they will become important keywords with a guest blog post. You should need to figure out keyword research, the term, and phrases for which you really rank and want to target those on your site.


Guest Blogging is a Great method to earning lots of links, high potential to rank your website through earning nice link juice. I’ll hope now you all are aware of phenomenal guest posting strategies and make your guest post all over the web.


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