Google`s New Look

Posted by Sanket Patel

May 13, 2010

Google 5 min read

The latest update about the industry revolves around the new face of Google’s search engine website. The website sports a new cleaner look and has a change of orientation which allows for tailoring search results and advance search options as well. This goes well for the user as it allows for a more effective search with results that are better related to what exactly the searcher is looking for. The three major options available now, Universal search, Search options panel and Google squared, are features that have been launched by Google before. These options are the core backbones of the left-hand panel of the new Google search page.

These new innovations make it easier for the user to make quick searches, with intuitive prompts from the search engine as well. For an SEO developer, this new development means a lot. Primarily, this will play a major role in the number of click-throughs but it will also help in the reduction of bounce rates as users of the search engine will be able to customize their search options. So new SEO activities will be a little more tedious due to the new changes made by Google but ultimately the results will be more effective and hence it makes the end-users happy and the SEO community happy as well!


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