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Sanket Patel

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May 03, 2012

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Google Penguin Update: Important things that you should Know

Once again, Google has updated its ranking algorithm and they are also giving their attention on penalizing websites which use “over-optimization” and devious web spam strategy to generate links. The Penguin Update is the official name and when it comes to talk about penguin then it is a fine-tuned version which is targeting those which are violating Google’s quality guidelines.

The people who don’t rely on outdated, spammy technologies don’t have to worry about. Mainly, these updates are affecting websites which have very little to no quality content and also those website that are neglecting inbound link’s strategies to game the system and get undeserved traffic. From past few weeks, Glenn Gabe at G-squared Interactive has been researching on those websites which have been hardest hit. If you are applying any of these SEO strategies to your website then you might want to address.

Well-matched Domains:

In this involves those companies which wanted to rank high for an accurate set of keywords and also purchasing domain names with these words in the title. When it comes to showing up high in the search engines, having a keyword rich URL is completely good method. If it is making any sense to doing so then it might fine for you and you will not face any kind of penalties. There are some companies that are abusing by buying up various URLs to dominate a given market. But still, it is unclear if Google Penguin update is actually going after this but experts believe that even if they are not targeting well-matched domain abuse.

Paid text links with accurate anchor text:

Now, Google makes it very clear that they don’t overlook for links. When any website has various numbers of unnatural inbound links with anchor text then it is perfect as it increases a red flag. When any website gets a natural link to it, the anchor text is varied as there are different people who are adding the links. Such types of links are paid in various cases and Google is well aware.

Comment Spam:

Recently, I visit through blog on my websites and the numbers of comment spam I get is insane. Generally, it is auto-generated and filled with lots of keywords. For Google, it is extremely easy to this and punishes websites which are using such technologies to generate backlinks.

Visitor’s Posts on Questionable sites:

As we all know that visitor’s posts are always been great way to build quality backlinks. There are some cases in which visitor’s authors are causal to the online community. And it is accurately what that Google wants to see. You also understand that not all the blogs are created equally and guest authors should have to focus on writing for quality websites.

Marketing of Article:

Very often, article marketing involves webmasters writing very under-developed article that is not focusing heavily on keywords and anchor text links within the article. Generally, they are not necessarily written to be read by humans as much as by the search engines. Well, article marketing has very long link-building mainstay and its day are figured.

Concluding Thoughts:

One of the most important things to remember is that Google is getting smarter and smarter every single day. There are lots of SEO methods that worked in the past and still those methods are working but as we move forward they are going to be repeatedly phased out. It goes without saying that Google needs good quality content to be pushed to the top of the pile and if you want to do good for long time in search engine rankings then to create good content which people want to link to.


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