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Posted by Vivek Parikh

November 29, 2012

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Google Panda & Penguin proof SEO Link Building Strategy

Howdy Readers,

Recent updates of Google Panda and Penguin has hurt many webmaster’s and SEO’s. To make things more clear and precise, we have defined a powerful strategy of which we’re 100% confident.

Under the guidance of our SEO Experts we have introduced a very Powerful SEO Strategy which extremely follows the Google guidelines, and is totally result-oriented. These strategies will secure you from all the future Google updates.

So, have a look on our Proven SEO Link Building Strategy step-by-step who holds the niche to beat Panda and Penguin Updates:

Guest Blogging: Guest blogging plays an important role in influencing your online visitors, and web page ranking. Its simple concept is to share the information with the visitors about your business products and services or other fields. With the growing web competition, many online businesses are adopting it as one of the best techniques of Search Engine Optimization, today. The best part associated with this service is expands the area of your business network not only with the new comers but also with the existing ones. It boosts the business sales along with improving the global presence of your business.

Infographic : The next strategy is Infographic which means a visual representation of information. Many businesses are adopting this strategy for best output of their business. Today many businesses are finding Infographic as the best representer of their business products and services. Images can put huge impact on your visitors giving them an instant meaning of the image updated. Earlier, it was completely unknown that images don’t have any SEO value as search engines can’t read them. It is a fact that search engines won’t know what’s your infographic is all about, but your target audience surely will. It benefits SEO campaign a lot, and consequently it builds your link portfolio for good reasons.

Micro Blogging : Microblogging’s best example is Twitter. Twitter shares everything within 140 words range, which is a newly develop concept in the business world today. Online visitors like to visit such microblogging websites a lot. Microblogging means sending out short messages to a larger audience in no time. It screeches the visitors attention and tempt them to involve with your business products and services. Now how it is beneficial for SEO? The main purpose of SEO is to popularize your website and screech high organic traffic in shortest duration. But with the help of microblogging websites any SEO can share their links with tons of users spontaneously. If it is liked by one user it may transferred to others as well; increasing your web  traffic and web page ranking concurrently.

Web 2.0 Property : To leave your competitors far behind and to run your online business successfully; it is very important to market and advertise your business brand very effectively over the web. Web 2.0 property enables the businesses to create many sub-sites through various platforms like WordPress, Squidoo, Blogspot, etc. Here, each and every sub-site contains relevant and unique content with the targeted keywords to attract online visitors and major Search Engines. They contain valuable information related to your business products or services along with hyperlinked keywords directing traffic towards the main website. In short, it is a great business tool which improves search engine ranking, boosts ROI, and generates high traffic.

Article Submission : Article submission is the heart of SEO business. Usually, it is referred as unique writing of articles which are relevant to your web business, and then getting them added to various popular article submission directories. SEO experts recommend this service a lot to freshers or existing online business owners. This submission service can enhance and improve the web page ranking of your site among the major SEs by increasing quantity of  backlinks and PR.

Niche Forum Posting : Forum posting is essential part of your business promotion. It improves the level of your readers and visitors along with back links influencing the web page rank and web presence. Generally, your signature is displayed when the member is active on a highly respectable forum. In short, if visitors like the way you respond to the queries, or problem solving strategies, and moreover, if you behave as a helpful member who is always ready to advise to the fellow member; then automatically they will start believing you.

And if they really start believing you, then surely they will always seek your advise. Sooner or later, they will get interested in various aspects of your business. For all this thing, they need to click on the provided link within the signature to be taken to the main web page, and then they are a step away from converting into a potential customer.

Social Sharing/Bookmarking : Social bookmarking enhances the SEO of your websites and blogs by rapidly increasing the page ranking, by bringing links back towards your site based upon the keywords induced in the blog or page which you’re bookmarking.

Premium Press Release : Press Release count as the backbone of Online Business existence. It is one of the fastest way of availing exposure of your online business products or services. Many small to large scale business firms give due importance to this service because of its relevant potency. A press release is always written in a very coherent manner keeping your target audience in mind. It should cover all the happenings of your business world, old or new both. All the popular news sites like Yahoo, MSN, Google rapidly increases the web traffic and develops new important links giving a new edge to your site.

Local Business Listing : All the major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc provides Online Business Listings helping you to promote your business to local Internet users. Moreover, claiming, adding, and validating your online business listing in the local business directories will surely  increase your web traffic, boost your SEO efforts, screeching new visitors by enhancing your local business ‘Web Visibility.’

Social Media Sharing : Many reports disclosed the fact that Social Media’s valuable presence influences the rankings within the search engine result pages. Likes, +1s, tweets, pins and social links available on the unique Blog Post’s are very countable business signals, as they can affect the rankings in SEs.

These are the best proven SEO Strategies which let you stand apart from your online competitors and making you secure from Panda, Penguin and further updates. Blurbpoint is offering this Powerful SEO Strategy under one service plan known as Hire Dedicated SEO, a highly effective and affordable plan. This plan is best for start up businesses who can grab all the SEO fruits by choosing its any service plan like Trial, Basic, Business, Super and Advance. This service plan can promote your website through latest SEO Link Building techniques and strategies.


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